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Anything special for E5430 vPro?


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Afaik, nothing special required for those particular models, no.


vPro is some Intel marketing label just like Centrino was. Consider it a set of specific security-oriented features. Apart from that, vPro CPUs remain the same as non-vPro.



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Use Pokenguyen's guide, it's a bit outdated but it'll you get it up and running.

DW1510 will work OOB, DW1520 will require a kext injector like WifiInjector.


IF you opt for El Capitan, you'll need additional config to disable SIP. 

And for El Capitan, DW1520 is whitelisted and requires that you use MBA5,2, but you could patch some file to use MBP9,1 or 9,2.

See here

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