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I don't know what I'm doing wrong with E6500 and OS X El Capitan


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The DSDT change for USB devices is highly unlikely to cause the KP but it would help if you could specify what the KP shows. Which boot loader are you using?


If sticking with Chameleon, you need to use the Enoch branch (r2795 being the latest at time of writing) and add the boot option CsrActiveConfig=3 (or any other desired value) into your /Extra/o.c.B.plist to disable SIP.


By default, Enoch will not load kexts placed in /Extra/Extensions unless you specify boot option KernelBooter_kexts=Yes. This option and other kernel related options are meant to go into a kernel.plist file placed in /Extra. The alternative is to place your kexts (and only your kexts) in /Library/Extensions, repair their permissions and rebuild the cache. SMBIOS + o.c.B. plist remain in /Extra as does the DSDT and any other Chameleon-related files.

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Woaw, where on earth did you dig that pack from? And this worked from SL to Yos?


Get rid of:

  • old SL 10.6.7 AppleACPIPlatform kext (v1.3.5), it's only required for Lion and ML
  • AppleIntelIntegratedFrameBuffer kext, I think it's the old GMA950 brightness fix
  • DisableTurboBoostBattery kext, that's only for SandyBridge CPUs and beyond, not applicable to C2D, C2Q or Arrandale CPUs
  • OSXRestart kext, that's ancient
  • DellBluetoothHCI kext, I very much doubt you'd need that
  • Patched_10.7_AppleRTC kext, you should not need this any more


I also recommend you use MacBookPro5,1 SMBIOS, rather than MBP5,3.


In your boot plist:

  • enable P-States generation
  • enable C-states generation
  • enable kernel cache
  • enable System Type and set it to laptop
  • kernel specification is unnecessary but will do no harm
  • add the CsrActiveconfig=3 using TextEditor

this way


or this way

<key>Kernel Flags</key>


Once you're set, we'll change your FakeSMC to a more recent and fully tuned version that will provide native CPU SpeedStep + AGPM GPU throttling. We'll sort out the USB2.0 ports too because they probably won't all work to begin with.

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You run IORegistryExplorer, save the  output to file then post it. We now need to patch your DSDT and create the necessary USB injector kext to get all of your USB ports working. Please confirm the SMBIOS profile you used as that is an integral part of the USB injector.

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