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  1. It shows the installer on the 3D Vision Internal Screen if you boot with nv_disable=1 Also, It's the model that doesn't have Optimus. Just the NVIDIA Card. Furthermore, according to the Clover Bug Reports: Clover has the necessary tools to do this. (maybe this is helpful information)
  2. My specs are: Dell Precision M6700 NVIDIA Quadro K3000M via eDP NVIDIA 3D Vision Screen (I am aware it won't work in macOS) I'm following the guide from here:
  3. You need to update Whatevergreen.kext with the one made for Catalina in Herve's Post. It works like a charm after that. The one from here:
  4. I have a Dell E6520 with NVS and I can't get the Intel HD 3000 Graphics Card to work. My screen looks like this: My EFI Folder is from here: Thank You for any help!
  5. I have a DELL Optiplex 960 with a Core 2 Quad 2.66 GHz and a NVIDIA GeForce GT 630 with 2 GB of VRAM. I keep getting a kernel panic when I try to run OS X. I'm using clover. I attached my EFI folder and a pic of the kernel panic. What can I do? BTW I don't use a DSDT. EFI.zip
  6. How could I install Clover on a HDD or SSD via legacy mode without the installer (the manual way)? Is that possible? I have an EFI folder already.
  7. Sorry, I didn't realize I didn't upload the EFI folder. Here it is. EFI.zip
  8. I can't adjust my volume on my Dell Latitude E6520. It just stays at max. What can I do? I'm running OS X El Capitan. I'm using Clover. I have the NVIDIA 4200m/i7 Model. I have attached my EFI folder.
  9. Okay, I got OS X El Capitan on my DELL Latitude E6500. Only one of the USB Ports are working. What do I do now?
  10. I just plugged in my usb stick into the bottom right usb port and it worked. I guess I was just using the wrong usb port.
  11. I got rid of those kexts. I added those boot options. It says still waiting for root device. BTW I'm using a USB Installer. It won't get to the installer. I attached my new Extra Folder and Picture. E6500 Extra 10_11 New.zip
  12. Here is the Extra Folder I'm using. Maybe I'm missing a kext or some kext in there is incompatible with El Capitan? E6500 Extra 10_11.zip
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