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El Capitan E5430


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Currently have my El Capitan install working with HD4000 1536MB, DW1520 Wi-Fi, and that's about it. Sleep works, two-finger scrolling works. I tried the Yosemite HDA 92HD93 (AppleHDAIDT.kext) and config.plist mod for the audio with no dice. Bluetooth is also not working, due to the USB changes inside El Capitan. I attached my CLOVER for anybody that wants to get their El Cap running. Any ideas for audio and bluetooth?


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Derp, never clicked "Attach this file." I knew someone was hiding that audio kext from me. The Broadcom(?) 380 is the bluetooth module.


EDIT: No audio. Removed the Yosemite AppleHDAIDT kext and installed El Cap HDAIDT. Two files in /S/L/E, AppleHDA and AppleHDAIDT. Do I remove AppleHDA? Also, backlight adjustment stopped working after installing HDAIDT and touching the /S/L/E folder.


Edit2: following the guide you made, replacing my other kexts with the ones in E6230 for 1366x768.

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Replace Config with this. I added the correct audio patches. Also remove AppleHDAIDT, that's for 92HD90bxx, install instead AppleHDA_IDT for Exx30 (92HD93) from the same link above.


For Bluetooth, you'll need to add you Ven/Dev ID to



Use macKextlight, drag IOBluetoothFamily.kext to the Window on the left



Do a search for BroadcomUSBBluetooth


Paste this between and with the Prod/Ven ID of your device














Click save  and repair permission.


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Everything is working, except bluetooth. First thing I did was the patch with macKextLight, then rebooted. Bluetooth worked. Then, I replaced the config.plist with the one you created for me. I lost bluetooth. HDA_IDT works great. Everything is working except bluetooth. I attached my CLOVER folder. That folder contains your config.plist with the patches. I have also attached my working config.plist that bluetooth works with. Only difference is the patches.


Ever since I ran:

sudo pmset hibernatemode 0
sudo rm -f /var/vm/sleepimage
sudo pmset hibernatefile /dev/null

I have not been able to wake my laptop from sleep. Just a black screen with a spinning color wheel.



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instead of using 0 as  an integer, you use what you had before normally apple uses 3 for laptops.

 so it would go like this sudo pmset hibernatemode 3.

there are mentions of other hibernate modes like 21 or 57 and a bunch more i cant recall it varies by machine and i think you need native nvram plus aptiofix2. more then that i cant help you with but i'm sure you might turn up something if you search. most of that documentation was on the defunct site projectosx.

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