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Precision M2400 Yosemite Wifi Issues


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For first time I am able to get COMPLETE laptop working without any help  :-P  :-P  :-P


Well, no of course not. How can I not have any problems.


So everything I want to work normally, works. I don't care that much about SD Card. Everything else including the all important "Sleep" works.


However I have one stupid issue with wifi. Actually several.  Please bear with me while I describe all.


1) Wifi will randomly disconnect. I have to connect it to my network again.

2) Wifi will randomly disconnect. I can't connect it to my wifi again. I have to turn it off, then on, then it will connect.

3) Wifi will slow down randomly. I have to turn it off and then on and it will work again.

4) Wifi will some time refuse to turn on after I've turned it off to solve 1-3. I have to restart

5) Wifi will not be detected sometimes when I try to solve 4. Says I have no wifi device, like it disappeared!. ONLY way to get it working again is to unseat, reseat wifi card physically. 


I'm not imagining this. I've been observing this for last 2 weeks while I've been working on other laptops on the side.


I've attached my Extra folder. Any pointers appreciated.


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@Jake Lo


The wifi card I always use DW1510 supported out of the box without any kexts. Never had any issues with it.


I'm wondering now if my problem is heat related. Problem is I haven't found HWMonitor that works for me. Gives me weird numbers for temperature in like 1000 degrees and 1013% for battery etc. I'm trying to fix that so I can monitor temperature and see if there is any co-relation. I got this laptop all messed up and fixed it all up myself, cleaning it up and everything. Now I'm wondering if I didn't do good job fixing the heat sink to the CPU.

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I've mentioned this before here but cannot track the post... You may be in the presence of a 2.4Ghz and 5GHz wireless networks using the same SSID and/or encryption key. I've been in that situation before and encountered disconnection issues such as yours. I've detailed the deployed fix here. It's an easy one...


You may also take Dell's info on the matter into account.

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@herve. I do have 2.4GHz and 5.0Ghz, and I'm aware of this. Actually I never use same SSID for both. 


Meanwhile, I used some fat rubber stoppers to elevate the laptop, my wifi hasn't dropped once since. I will continue monitoring for a few weeks, before I try El Capitan. I finally fixed my HWMonitor / FakeSMC issue. I always get confused when FakeSMC has the sensor kexts embedded and when they don't. 

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I'm happy to report I'm past my hardware issues with this laptop. It took one more round of disassembly and re-assembly. For a grand cost of $35 to build a laptop, I'm damn proud of myself :-)


Everything I want is working (of course no SD card but I never care). I have 10.11.5 running on it !!!


As always, there is one annoyance. I have latest battery manager, hw monitor, fake smc kexts. Battery meter working. However after resume me, Battery meter tells me I don't have a battery. HW Monitor continues to show me battery and % charge left. Wanted to know if I would need to patch my battery kext? Totally weird why I see battery status when I reboot, but only after resume from sleep laptop continues to run without power supply connected, but says I have no battery.

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First I should have mentioned, sometimes after resuming from sleep battery indicator stops working. It is like a coin toss.

Now, I tried your DSDT 4 times. Each time it continued to show me battery status. So I guess your DSDT "worked". Which brings me to...


Second, I had to patch my DSDT and use USB injection to get all my USB ports working. So the DSDT in my first post might not be the latest. I'm attaching my latest DSDT here. The reason is with your DSDT, all my USB ports stopped working.


If you could tell me what changes you made, I could also try to make them myself.


Thanks much.


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