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E7440 Sierra Hackintosh installation


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Hello, first @ all.


I want to install Sierra on my Dell Latitude E7440 8 GB Intel Core i7 4600U @ 2,10GHz, 2,70GHz


but it don't work as it should :(

Maybe someone here can help me with the correct installation?


I read about 2 Days before i get started but there are so many instructions so i try to combinate everything but i get stucked.


Can someone please explain me what is the right way to get sierra installed?

For Info i already got windows on my 256 gb ssd and so i make free space and make another partition on my 256 gb.

now i have 2 partitions on the 1 first one is windows 10 and the second one should be sierra.

with partiton magic i also formatted the second partition in apple hfs because at my first try when i get everything, i can't formatt my 2 partiton with the disk util in the sierra post install?

but as i sayed, i already formated it with paragon partition magic and when i choose this partition in sierra install, sierra just installs fine.


but please someone help me with a full tutorial with the right kexts and everything?


I'm also willing to spend something if someone can really help me out.


Best Regards

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and please don't get me wrong.

it don't must be a "full" tutorial, i already read very much about the programms like: clover, cloveredit, and so on.

but i don't find a good tutorial how i can make my bootable usb stick with the right boot packs and everything on.

as i read it should run everything after the installation of sierra with the right bootpack on the stick right?


i also have a problem that my notebook just boots into windows everytime, i always must boot from my install stick and then take the 2. option to boot sierra from hdd, maybe someone can explain me how i must edit my clover settings with my setup (1 ssd with 256 gb, 2 partitions first one with windows, second one sierra)

but again, i'll start from the begining from where i create my boot stick just to be sure everything is right.

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thx for the answer Herve


1.) the current partiton scheme: 1. partiton = windows ntfs, 2. partiton = at the moment sierra already installed but i can format it with partition magic in the apple hfs format.


2.) i tried the clover bootloader because its the only one i knew ;)


3.) at the moment i have set: legacy, but i also tried uefi


Best regards

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Don't confuse the HDD partition scheme (the type of partitioning) and the partition formatting (NTFS, OS X Journaled, etc.). OS X default partitioning scheme is GUID whereas, with Windows, it used to be MBR. MBR is not natively supported by OS X, hence my asking.


If you can boot your OS X USB installer, the Disk Utility will show you the current scheme.

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Your SSD is partitioned MBR so you will need to apply the MBR patch in order to be able to install OS X on that disk. Yes, you can normally install OS X and Windows on the same disk in a dual-boot arrangement. Clover will support this.


Have a look at Jake's guide for the installation process and necessary files. No need to re-invent the wheel. Note that it's the same process between El Capitan and Sierra.

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as i said i did everything from jakes tutorial:

i formated the ssd and make 2 partitions.

i installed osx sierra and did everything like in the tutorial.

i can reboot and i can boot without usb.

but wifi sound and so on doesn't work 

i used this efi folder http://forum.osxlati...t-install-help/ at the point in the tutorial:

29. Download the Bootpack


and i also used the kexts from this efi folder at the point 

3: Post-Installation

when i reboot after the kext permissions nothing changed no sound no wifi...


so i used the kextwizard tool and install the kext again from the efi before.

then i write the kextcache and reboot and now the apple logo comes and the loading but at the end the screen distorted?

i waited for about 5 minutes but nothing happens?


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