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E6420 macOS Sierra: won't wake after sleep


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Hello. I've updated from El Capitan to Sierra. After fighting with VoodooPS2 and audio, I finally has it working fine except Sleep. When it goes to Sleep, I can't wake it up again, I have to power off it.


My setup is the one from Jake's Lo guide, with Clover updated to r3799, the new VoodooPS2 from here and VoodooHDA for audio.


What can I do? Thanks.

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Use the Dr Hurt's final driver from updated p1 of the thread.

For audio, you should use patched AppleHDA instead of VoodooHDA

Do you use VoodooSDHC kext at all for the SD card reader? If so, that'll explain the issues on wake. Get rid of the kext and patch your DSDT instead as the card reader can work OOB if DSDT device is defined as compatible with Apple's default device. You can search for this on the forum.

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Hello Hervé.


I don´t use VoodooSDHC, I don't use the card reader. For the VoodooHDA I've removed it and now sleeping work perfectly.


But I can't get audio to work. I've tried:


- The bootpack AppleHDA (the one post 10.11.4)

- The patch suggestion from taddeusz

- Your own suggested kexts


Nothing works. Any ideas?



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