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[SOLVED] Invalid partition table! on Dell E6530 with sierra


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I completed the Sierra installation on my Dell e6530 thanks to your help in the previous post. But at every start I always the error "invalid partition table!" and pressing Enter will start correctly. How can I eliminate that mistake?

I found some suggestions in that link https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/5660-dell-latitude-e6430e6530-with-nvs5200m-hd4000/?p=29476but we are talking about Chamelon and instead I used Clover. How can I fix?

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run this command first to make sure you do not have a core storage disk

diskutil cs list

if it finds a core storage volume and you only have 1 disk and osx is on disk0s1 then

diskutil corestorage revert /dev/disk1

you can also check to see if . the volume is blessed 

bless --info /Volumes/volume name/

if it returns with all zeros 0 =>  then it might need to be blessed wich is apple form of allowing a volume to be bootable

sudo bless --bless /Volumes/Volume name/

for windows here are a few sugestions


you can probably do it from a windows installer command prompt


unsetting an active partition in osx there is no straight forward way to do it without installing windows or linux binarys made to work on osx like fdisk or gparted or gpt-sync as OSX does not use an MBR partition

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