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DW5809e: how can i use the WWAN?


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Thank you very much Hervé! 
I finally found some time for reading and experimenting and I successfully accomplished my goal to make DW5809e work in both High Sierra and Windows 10, since I have dual boot on E7450. Patch that you sent helped a lot. I might done some minor tweaks, but essentially I am using the same patch that you posted.


Everything is actually very easy and can be done in few minutes when you have all information and when you know what you are doing. Funny thing is that for me it was easier to change USBCOMP mode from Linux then to make card properly loaded by OS. Looks like that use of FakePCIID_XHCIMux.kext instead of USBInjectAll.kext is always preferred way of solving issues with loading of internal USB devices.



I found out that is better to use USBCOMP=14 instead 6 or 8, since it sets both 6 and 9 in same time. MacOS will use 6 and Windows 10 will continue to use cards default USBCOMP mode which is 9.  


Card debranding is not needed and I would not recommend it.


I had to set APN, Account Name and Password manually.


Connection is stable, but speed test shows only about 10 Mbps. I will need to investigate this.


Also, I am not sure why network name is listed as Unknown even when I am connected. 

btw. looks like you were one of those lucky guys with high speed modems. I remember downloading a single 800x600px GIF image for 5 minutes at 2800 bauds. :)

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Hi @viking1304 could you explain to me how exactly you got it working? I have also a Dell E7450 with High Sierra and Windows 10 installed on it and your WWAN module.

I have installed the kext you have provided and now it shows up in system report but its still not working.

I have read the links that were posted here but I dont quite get it.

Could you explain it a bit to me?

Thank you!

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@Darius1984 there is no need to change anything in kext that works in High Sierra to make it work in Mojave.


1. You need to change USBCOMP mode to 6, 8 or 14 to make it work in MacOS. If you are using dual boot with Windows use USBCOMP 14. I did that from persistent Ubuntu USB using perl script.

2. Since I saw in another thread that you have same card as me, you can use this kext vkgLegacySierraQMI.kext.zip

3. Be sure that your system can access your card properly. I had problems with this in the beginning. Check USB / USB Device Tree and Network / WWAN in System Information.


You can use AT commands from your terminal like this

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