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[SOLVED] Latitude E5520 macOS 10.12.3 patch DSDT and SSDT


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Hi Guys. :)


First of all, great forum!  :-P


Now, back to my question... I managed to get Sierra booting and working nearly perfect... I grabbed kexts, DSDTs, SSDTs and config.plist(s) from all off those well known hackintosh forums around the world... until I got to the desktop.  :mrgreen:


So, I know from some reading beside on this long way, that my system is not set up properly to work at best efficiency...

My problem is, that I really do not understand how to patch a DSDT the right way... I need some "initial ignition" ... some helping hand to bring my on the right path of the force... 


Who would be so kind? And what will he or she need for information about my system? :)


(sorry for the {maybe} bad english, I'm not a native english speaker) 


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I'm running latest version A14 BIOS.




- no standby while closing the lid, but it takes round about 1min until it goes to standby after closing the lid

- shutdown takes round about 1min (black screen, HDD activity)

- slight but noticeable system lags (maybe round about 200ms, mostly when running safari)

- maybe my CPU is not using correct P&C-States (due to wrong CPU in SSDT?) - i3-2310M is my actual CPU

- ethernet (BCM5761 using BCM5722D.kext) has mac-address 00:00:00:00:00 on every second boot


Last but not least... DSDT, SSDT and clover config.plist are not build by my own, i grabbed them somewhere out of the net. And I'm using them unmodified, means I never edited them.  ;)

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what is your e5520 hardware config.


I own one myself and would be interested to find a way to install Sierra as well. Iam running Yosi right now.


All attempts to install even el  captian end up afther installing fine ine a not bootable condition.


Please post your config maybe in your signature.





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Hey madmax,


i have the following hardware configuration (copied and edited your signature ;) ):



macOS Sierra 10.12.3 / with Clover build 4012 (legacy boot)


Dell Latitude E5520

Processor: Intel Core i3-2310M, 2.1 GHz

Chipset: Intel 6 Series

Graphics: Intel HD3000

Display: 1366x768 WXGA

RAM: 4GB DDR3, 1333 MHz


WiFi: Qualcomm Atheros AR9285 Half-Mini PCIe


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Hey Jake.


Thx for your work so far. I'll have a deeper look into + testing your package tommorrow.


But before ii do this 2 questions...


1. the kexts from the /kexts/other/LE folder... do i have to put them in my local L/E on the HDD?

2. i can not use one of the SSDT clover extratcted? (origin folder in my attachment, they are from my current system)


Well, need to sleep now... gn8. :)

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