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Need Help With A Precision M6600 Sierra Install


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This is my first post on the forums, but, I need help with a sierra install on my Precision M6600. I have looked on other threads on the forums but, I download the Clover files and I get an instant reboot on the laptop, is there something I am doing wrong with the BIOS?



i7-2720QM @ 2.20GHz

8 GB of RAM

750 GB Hard Drive

NVIDIA Quadro 3000M with 2GB of VRAM


I would like any help I can get. 
Thank You In Advance.   :)

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You aren't even getting to the clover menu?  Did you install clover to a USB, and did it create an EFI partition?  


This might be obvious to anyone else, but I'm still getting used to UEFI and I didn't realize for a while to select the UEFI option during boot.  After hitting F12, make sure you are using the UEFI option to get to clover, rather than just selecting the name of your USB drive among the other drives.


FWIW, I have an m6700 and if I use the USB ports on the right side of my machine, I get weird boot errors, but if I use one of the two ports on the left side, those errors go away.  I think this has to do with USB3 support.


As far as BIOS settings, I think the only ones I toggled were AHCI and Legacy with secure boot off.  Not sure if m6600 BIOS is similar, but I imagine so.  


Take any of this advice with a grain of salt, as I still haven't gotten a fully booted system due to what seems to be graphics driver issues.

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