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Hello everyone,


After the surprisingly huge success with El Capitan, I decided to give Sierra a try. This thread is dedicated to get at least the installer running on the Dell E6500.


Thoughts, opinions and discussions are also very welcome.


(1) Using dosdude1's Sierra Patch, the installer USB creation was a breeze.

Without the patch, the installer won't even try to boot (incompatible Mac).



(2) Installer USB loads fine.


(3) NVDAStartup causes kernel panic when trying to boot into the installer. nvda_drv=1 nv_disable=1 InjectNvidia=false does not work.

I am not sure why but Nvidia still try to load the driver when nv_disable=1 is already present.


I will post my DSDT.aml, config.plist and kexts later (still using the same ones from El Capitan).


That is all for now. Any pointers and tips are highly encouraged.

Thank you.

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Did you get anywhere? I am visiting forum after a long time. Had some personal things to take care off.


I was pleasantly surprised to see this post by Herve.



I recall him helping me out using D630 as a basis for understanding mac os install and I successfully installed on my E6500 and I1720. Since Sierra not available for download on Core2Duo machine I assumed they were not compatible. But it seems on D630 it was successful, so was really hoping it would be on other dells too. I have NVidia graphics in both of my old laptops.


Really appreciate if you can let me know if you succeeded and if so, how.

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'says it all in the D630 thread:

  • :excl: For models with Penryn CPUs only   :excl:

- - - - - -

Please note that:

  • Sierra requires a Penryn CPU with SSE4 instructions set [...]. Merom CPUs [...] do not have such instructions set and do not allow Sierra installation.

- - - - - -


As such, as long as your laptops have the required CPUs, you can proceed exactly the same way as for Yosemite and/or El Capitan, adjsting the SMBIOS if necessary.

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I expect it'll work OOB, make sure to use MBP7,1 SMBIOS. Tune the graphics through FakeSMC after installation as detailed here. Generally speaking, you can apply the same tuning as for the D630 (USB, AGPM, FakeSMC), adjusted to your own systems specs (dGPU PCI id for instance).

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