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yoga s1


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the chameleon bootpack is missing in the downloads section.


also having trouble using clover, can the original poster or mod in charge of the lenovo section put together a simple how to with what to check in clover and what to copy from the bootpack.


i am using the latest clover, it boots and eventually the screen garbles the text and i get a circle with a / line through it.


not sure if i am making a mistake by copying the clover folder contents over what clover makes or if there is something different.

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are you trying to boot os 10.10 or a newer os? if its a newer os you probably will need to update the kexts and config plist to the newest sierra stuff if thats what your attempting. at least the fakepciid's. and  generic usb probably wont work in sierra either or the version of clover thats in the bootpack probably does not support the newer kernels either.

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