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Dell E5550 Sierra Graphics (Solved)


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can't  for the life of me get graphics to work on 10.12.5


  • i7-5600u
  • 8gb ram single stick
  • 512gb HD
  • intel hd 5500 
  • Display 1920x1080


Followed Jakes guide for El Capitan. SMbios 12,1. computer worked great, Sound video, etc. upgraded to sierra and now i can't get graphics going.

  • i have inject intel disabled
  • i installed the Lilu and graphics fix up kext to L/E no change.
  • DVMT set per guide
  • 4077 clover installed
  • Kext installed from guide to L/E except for EAPDfix kext, that one causes a freeze and reboot during startup if i install to LE config plist and kext folder attached. 

Have not pulled the trigger on a wifi card yet.



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Boot to Clover Gui, hit space bar. Select these

verbose (-v)

Don't reboot on panic (debug=0x100)

image attached, sorry had to use my phone, F10 does not work for me, tried several times.



at clover prompt remove ig-platform id and only use inject intel. see if clover detects it for you

Kernal panic and restart


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Thank you so much!!!!


not sure if you meant to do that, but inject ATI is selected.

i left it and selected inject intel.


now if i can only get the Theme Latitude to load, clover configurator will not load it, and i have it placed in the themes folder.

selected load themes, it see's it but when selected the preview screen is blank.


Thanks again Jake!!!!!

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Ooops. Yes, meant to enable Inject Intel, not ATI.

To get Latitude theme to work, go to Config.plist change embedded to Latitude.


By the way, what version of Bios are you on?

If newer than A06, can you extract the raw files for me

Go to Clover GUI. Hit F4, continue on to OSX

Then compress and attach /EFI/Clover/ACPI/Origin.

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