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Bluetooth reconnect after wake from sleep


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Sorry for taking to long to get back to you.

The holidays can be busy.


That extra BIOS parameter allows me to connect my bluetooth card to the EHCI

port. Yours is attached to the UHCI port. With those fixes I sent you, mine is able

to re-connect after a wake from sleep.


I switched that BIOS parameter to the other setting, and now I see the same

problem you are seeing. I can get it to reconnect by inserting a USB thumb drive,

or a USB wired mouse after the machine wakes.


Could give this a try and see if you see the same thing?


Since it seems I can reproduce your problem with my D620, I will look into a possible fix.

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Hi guys, just to confirm that display mirroring + USB Wake are definitely supported on the D620 GMA now.


I'm gonna modify the D620 nVidia DSDT to verify if USB Wake will also be supported. As Mario said, it's quite amazing to be able to keep on improving the support for these ageing machines! Hardly anything left to fix, except maybe the dark screen energy saving issue of the D620 nVidia...


Thanks for your most valuable contribution Joe.

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It's probably worth checking the version of your IO80211Family kext; the issue may be there...

I have no conflict whatsoever on any of my D630s:
- D630 nVidia 135m + DW1395 (with IO80211 kext v3.1.2) + BT350/BT360 -> All Ok under SL/Lion/ML
- D630s X3100 + DW1390 + BT350/BT360 -> all Ok under Lion

BT services resume after wake on all 3 laptops (after 30 to 40s with DW1395 wifi card).

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