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    https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/11138-inventory-of-supportedunsupported-wireless-cards-2-sierra-mojave/ It's very common for combo cards to have support for the Bluetooth part, not the wireless one. The original Intel card in my E6440 is like that: no support for wireless but the Broadcom-based Bluetooth part of it works OOB. It's a matter of chipset...
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    no clue as that noise is probably hardware related. loose coil or transformer somewhere maybe or maybe backlight inverter.
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    All right folks. Am quite happy with my handiwork. Brightness/Backlight/Controls work. SLEEP works! Laptop will go to standby on lid close. On lid open it does not, but I can hit power button and back comes the display. Marvelous. On top of that USB works before and after sleep/wake. Nice especially if i need usb for wifi So Right now all I need is reference to wifi card that works with this laptop. I already purchased a BCM card that was not Dell branded (like DW 1520) but that also did not work. The laptop will not even go to BIOS and tells me I have incompatible device. So if someone can please refer me to a BCM or ATH wifi card. PS - One hitch. Instant wake from sleep was from HDEF and ECH2, which I think is my WebCam/Mic and SD Card. The latter I don't care about, but losing Camera makes me sad. On resume from sleep, Camera and Mic don't work until I reboot. Not a biggie since how many times does one keep using both. However if anyone can help with that would appreciate it. Attaching my files if someone can offer assistance. config_dsdt.zip IORegDump.zip
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    Oh. Shit I guess I forgot to mention I'm on UEFI lol damn sorry I saw you mention clover and figured it was UEFI.... My bad. I will post the structure and the efi files maybe they will work for you in uefi mode I used an alias shortcut for bootmgfw.efi so that when you update clover it uses whats in clovers Boot folder. I thinned it down a lot as it did not fit but the windows 10 Microsoft folder is intact and so are the clover binary's, it is current trunk 3579 hope it boots for you. Obviously you will need to add the missing clover folder entries with yours. Test to see if windows will now boot UEFI with my files. EFI.zip
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