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  1. Does this guide work for e6330 with HD4000 VGA? I have a dock with 2 dvi + 2 DP + 1 D-SUB. I want to have a setup with built in display + 1 external display.
  2. i have just sent him the proper guide how to install high Sierra, because his hardware is completely different from us.
  3. We didnt do anything yet. I just helped him on how to create the basic installer with the command line tool
  4. just enable uefi, with secure boot off, then apply and exit. after the laptop restarts itself, push F12 button, to enter custom boot selection menu. and the you have to choose uefi:your_usb_identifier option to boot from
  5. Use uefi not legacy with secure boot disabled.
  6. I used clover. And my advise you should use it. Try to disable safe boot!
  7. First things first, use must use standard mojave image, not niresh one. Second, in my case, installer works with usb2.0 port inserted, and internal drives, esata not playing. so try to download first an original copy of mojave, then create usb installer the way in first post.
  8. I wonder that how I could miss this naming... After I renamed the dsdt_a19 to dsdt, everything started working! Now every USB ports, even the sound card started working! THANKS EVERYONE AGAIN!!!
  9. I hope i did everything good... Here is my debug log: debug_6084.zip
  10. Thanks! Will give it a try! UPDATE: no luck, still the same, my usb ports are not working.
  11. I only have one problem, Hackintool says I have unknown controller. my usb controller vendor ID is: 0x8086 and the device ID is 0x1E2D. It says usbinjectall is loaded, but when I try to do the things described in manual, nothing happens.
  12. Clover renaming means in clover configurator you have an option for that. the whole guide is universal which means not for only dell notebooks, it works for any type of device which can run osx. Tpyec device means if your machine also have typec usb with the normal usb-s, you should do the same plug/unplig procedure with it.
  13. can somebody help me to get working audio and USB ports? Now the only one working usb2.0 port is busy with the wifi adapter.