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  1. modified as you wrote, restarted system, sadly no change.
  2. okay now I have copied all of the kexts from /e/c/k/o to /l/e, then removed fakesmc with its plugins from /e/c/k/o, modified config.plist with clover configurator to kext injection to detect then with the kext utility.app I have repaired permissions and rebuilt cache, then restarted. Now the same thing happens, dvd-player app immediately crashes, iTunes drm content gives sound with green screen, also in safari not working. I got noticable performance improvement in ui after changing kexts load from inject to cache(or it is just some illusion). Generated a new debug, attached below. debug_1585.zip
  3. fakesmc is also in efi. only codec commander, fakepciid, and brcmfirmware+brcmpatch installed to LE. The above kexts are installed to /efi/clover/kexts/other
  4. In clover configurator under "System parameters" inject kexts was set to detect, no caches checkbox is unchecked and inject system ID is checked. Should I set inject kexts to No?
  5. Oh I see. Thanks for it. My Lilu and weg are on the latest version, also clover is on r4920. Both Lilu and weg sits in efi/clover/kexts/other.
  6. I have reinstalled my 10.14.4, now the random freeze problem seems to be solved, no freezes after a week. Only problem is drm content support. I have noticed that every screenshot that others shares from their "about my mac" window shows Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536MB, mine shows only Intel HD 4000 1536MB. And also dvd-player app immediately crashes after opening it.
  7. yes, both of them are on the latest version. here is my EFI folder.
  8. both of the kexts are already there.
  9. Hello Everyone! I have successfully installed mojave on my e6530, before a couple of weeks ago, it works almost perfectly. I have still two problems: 1. cannot watch drm content, itunes/hbogo gives me green screen only with sound 2. the system freezes randomly(sometimes 1-3 times a day or 1 freeze per 2 days) Attached my debug, hope at least the system freeze can be solved. debug_21231.zip
  10. It seems that downgrading solved the issue! Thanks for it, however I downgraded to a11 instead of a12. Thank to all! Thread can be closed.
  11. I will upload it later. I can tell that i used the install pack from the 10 step mini guide, for both the e6530 and e6330. Based on Hervé’s post, i have tried to replace the dsdt to the appropriate from Jake Lo’s guide, and the result was black screen only after booting.
  12. I hope someone can help me out. As title says I have graphic glitches while photos.app converts imported videos/syncing photos from iCloud, but only on my internal display, the monitor I use as secondary display connected via HDMI, and while laptops internal display produces those graphic anomalies, the second display stays clean. i have two configs e6530 and e6330, both have i7 3520m cpu with intel hd4000 graphics, with working qe/ci(if this matters). Or this is normal with these hd4000 graphics. my USB ports/sata ports/brightness slider in display settings/audio working fine, except this thing. +1: when I stut down/restart my latitude, the weird graphics comes out again on shutdown screen.
  13. I hope I am writing to the good place, if no, sorry about it. I have successfully installed Mojave on my e6530, but as on my e6330 when I plug a HDD into my optibay, it doesn't recognize it, about 2-3minutes the system says the drive cannot be used, then it appears on disk utility, and even if I choose to format, it can't do that. But when I swap the HDD to a SSD, it works perfectly.
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