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  1. Thanks a lot Jake. This is the output of the app. Waiting for your answer! Orazio’s MacBook Pro.zip
  2. UPDATE: I tried to use directly Jake Lo's config.plist file and the display is black. I also tried to manually edit the config.plist file and insert the same board-id in Jake's file and nothing changes. When I boot using the web drivers the display is like in sleep: if I try (with black screen) to insert the password and adjust the volume it plays that "bling" sound AND if I plug a HDMI display, the system works correctly, with NO GLITCHES AT ALL. So I think that the goal is to make the built-in display working. Any advices? Thanks a lot for your support guys!
  3. Hi Jake and thanks for your precious guide. I just tried to replace my config.plist file in /volumes/EFI/EFI/Clover/ with yours, but the situation is the same: - with no args the display is black; - with nvda_drv=1 the display is black; - with nv_disable=1 the display works with glitches; Do you think that there is a fix for this problem? Because actually I need a working GPU for my job (motion design) and it would be great to use this laptop with OSX! Thanks a lot!! Tazi
  4. Thanks Hervé! But this is the first time for me... Will I mess everything if I change the smbios now? Is it ok if I just do these steps?
  5. Hi guys, I just installed El Capitan on my Dell Precision m6800, but: - with no args at the boot the display is black; - with nvda_drv=1 the display is black; - with nv_disable=1 the display works, but with strange glitches since the login screen and when I play a video file. I think that it's a GPU issue. I have the Nvidia Quadro K3100m. Do you think I can solve this problem with some driver fixes? I followed this super guide by Jake Lo: https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/7851-dell-precision-m6800-mobile-workstation-wip/?p=64970 ...but my Smbios is not the same (I couldn't find the exact model of Jake's screenshot). Indeed, Jake in his guide says Do you think that maybe I can solve this problem with some changes in the smbios or is too late? thanks in advance for your help guys! taz
  6. Thanks for your support guys! I solved the problem creating TWO partitions in the same SSD that I was trying to use. BEFORE there was only a 256 GB partition called Macintosh SSD, created with the Erase button in the Disk Utility of the Installer. NOW I created two 128 GB partitions... and it works
  7. Yes, Sata is on AHCI. These are the screenshot of the errors that I get with Sierra and El Capitan installer!
  8. Hi guys, this is my first try to install Sierra on my Dell Precision m6800, but I can't find a solution to this problem (see the attached screenshot). It appears some minutes after choosing the disk. I tried with both of my two SSD drives, correctly formatted. I don't know how to do to fix this... Can you help me please? Thank you!!!
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