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  1. Yes please. SmartTouchpad v4.7 beta 5 has enabled touchpad options for me for the 1st time and enables my keyboard as well. But all this time ive ignored this kext because its for elan touchpads. So confused.
  2. Hi, I have a latitude 7280 with ALPS trackpad. I originally used this to enable basic trackpad options but SmartTouchpad v4.7 beta 5 is the only kext that has enabled trackpad pref pane. Keyboard works great with a few tweaks using karabiner. My question is: Do i use this with Voodoo i2c kext, and with VoodooPs2 kexts as well? Really trying to get 2 finger scroll to work but no dice. Trackpad wake after sleep is also an issue. Does everyones trackpad wake after sleep?
  3. Cant get keyboard back. Trackpad dead. Any ideas?
  4. Jake, Ive lost keyboard and no go for the trackpad. Im attaching my debug files if you could take a look. thx debug_11834.zip Do I still need voodooPS2 kext along with these new voodoo kexts?
  5. Here you go... DSDT.aml.zip
  6. Jake will this work for me and the 7280???
  7. Hi, Jake, Audio is off after sleep. Havent changed anything. Would you know a fix for this?
  8. turned on and off "show battery stats" That fixed it Thank you!!!
  9. LOL... 2 birds 1 stone. HDMI audio working. Track pad back. Last thing any idea why the battery icon is stuck?
  10. sure... Just noticed....when i plug in power, icon doesnt change. I hear the plug in sound though. Trackpad is gone. Kiran’s MacBook Pro_no hdmi.ioreg
  11. new debug attached while connected to HDMI with latest config debug_4686.zip
  12. no audio HDMI But i lost Trackpad for some reason. Went back to old config. no track pad. Upgraded VoodooPS2Controller.kext no luck...
  13. Ok files attached. Is it common for bluetooth to not reconnect after sleep? Had the issue with DW1830 and now also with DW1560 debug_29001.zip
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