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  1. skyfly555

    Optiplex 3020?

    Thank you, it seems I finally got it using PluginType 1 config.plist.zip
  2. skyfly555

    Optiplex 3020?

    I'm using an i3-4130 with HD4400.
  3. skyfly555

    Optiplex 3020?

    One question do you have cpu management? Checking with intel power gadget I'm stuck at 3.4GHz
  4. skyfly555

    Awake after sleep issue on an HP Pavilion dv6-6196ss

    Thank you very much, Jake Lo, you helped me a lot to understand what's going on. I'm following a guide and it uses a SSDT table that disables the RADEON. The reality: Don't know why, but using my own DSDT (extracted with Clover using the F4 function) I cannot wake up from sleep; but if I use the DSDT from the guide, I can. Weirder, my DV6 (it's 6196ss) and the DV6 from the guide (it's 6c65sx) are nearly the same machine, but its DSDT size is 58KB and mine is 51 KB (shouldn't they be the same size?). What's more, with my DSDT I have some "aleatory moving horizontal green lines" when I play youtube HD videos; with this other DSDT, I haven't. I attach the two DSDT files, with the same patches applied, for reference, although the issue in this very moment is weirdly solved. I'll try to understand what's happening, and why I didn't need to apply any patches in SSDT-5.aml to get "wake up after sleep" running on using the 6c65sx DSDT. DSDT-dv6-6c65sx-goldenegg.aml.zip DSDT-dv6-6196ss-same-patches.aml.zip
  5. Hello, guys. This is a Sandy Bridge, i5-2360QM, 8 GB RAM, HM65 chipset, HD3000, AMD RADEON 6770M. I've patched DSDT with the typical patches, and installed tones of kexts. Everything is working, it even sleeps, but cannot wake: I get a black screen and computer is stuck there. These are the patches I've used: [igpu] hd3000 low resolution [igpu] Rename GFX0 to IGPU Manually - Rename EHC to EH0 [sys] ac adapter fix [sys] add IMEI [sys] add MCHC [sys] HPET fix [sys-] IRQ fix [sys] RTC fix [sys] Fix PNOT/PPNT [sys] SMBUS fix [usb] 6-series usb (HM65) [sys] OS Check Fix (Windows 7) [audio] Audio Layout 3 battery_HP-DV6t-6b00 [usb] USB3 _PRW 0x0D (instant wake) and brightness keyboard patch: <code> into method label _Q17 replace_content begin // Brightness Down\n Notify(\_SB.PCI0.LPCB.PS2K, 0x0405)\n end; into method label _Q18 replace_content begin // Brightness Up\n Notify(\_SB.PCI0.LPCB.PS2K, 0x0406)\n end; I attach some debug files and the OEM DSDT. If you can help me, I'll be grateful. Thank you. debug_19015.zip DSDT-origin.aml.zip
  6. What do I have to modify in the info.plist of the kext to have my secondary click working tapping, and not having to clicking? Primary click can be done tapping, I'd like to secondary click tapping, too. Thank you very much,
  7. Hello, EMlyDinEsH and other hackintosh friends. I wonder if it's possible to get your kext, but only with the trackpad kext plugin. VoodooPS2Controller. kext works nice on my Lenovo IdeaPad U330 Touch (Elan Trackpad V4) referred to keyboard and mouse, but it doesn't work with my trackpad. So, my idea is using your kext for the trackpad, and the Voodoo kext for the keyboard and mouse. If I install your kext as a whole, my keyboard has a very strange mapping, I'd like to have voodoo because I've been using that kext for 7 years now and I'm very used to that mapping and all special key functions are already mapped. Thank you very much,