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  1. Yes, it work for 5 to 10 minutes as Jake Lo said and then it randomly stops working. I really want to give up but don't want to at the same time? What should I do?
  2. So I have an update to give: I redid my macOS Mojave usb and did a fresh install with a completely new clover setup and out of the blue, WIFI WORKS! I am happy but my dell latitude e5570 with an i5 6200u is running quite slow. I think that I read on this forum that this wifi card makes a laptop slower? I am making this up or is it true? Anyways, can't wait to figure out why it's running slower than usual!
  3. Ok, since I was reading the wifi card support list and this wifi card is also supported with yosemite and el capitan, will wifi work in one of those versions of os x with yosemite io802.11.kext or not? If this also doesn't work, I will think about buying a new wifi card for this project.
  4. Here is the config.plist for mojave config.plist.zip
  5. Does this look any better to you? CLOVER_2.zip
  6. I would hate of having to get a whole new wifi card just for this project to work properly.
  7. so should I get a new wifi card or follow that guide?
  8. So, I uploaded my new clover file with that ssdt-2.aml file removed and all of the kexts that were completely nonsense. So I figured out the model number of my wifi card which is cn-08pkf4 if that will help us get a little bit farther? CLOVER.zip
  9. and I will get rid of that ssdt-2.aml file also
  10. I will follow it and how was that ssdt-2.aml inappropiate. thanks for helping me out.
  11. Hello all, i'e been a big fan of the hackintosh community and a huge fan of this site! I do have some experience with hackintosh So I ordered a dell dw1820a wifi card for my dell latitude e5570 and have tried a lot of stuff to get it to work and no success at all. My specs are as followed for my dell latitude e5570: Intel core i5 6200u processor @ 2.49ghz, intel HD520 graphics and a 1366x768 display. I will upload my EFI Clover file that I am using for macOS 10.14.3. I would really like the help to get this to work because I don't want to order another wifi card. By the way: This is my very first post so any help would be excellent! Thanks EFI.zip
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