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  1. Dell Precision M6700 Intel i7-3470QM CPU Nvidia Quadro k3000m 128GB DDR3L RAM Fully supported in the latest build of macOS High Sierra. Dell M6700 CLOVER boot-pack.zip
  2. Here is a full CLOVER folder for Catalina for the E5470/E5570 CLOVER.zip
  3. I just realized you had success with you laptop. If you do end up having other troubles, this BootPack will work in conjunction with the Dell DW1820a wifi card if you have it, bluetooth, and sound.
  4. @tinDell I saw this post and you having some trouble installing Catalina on your Dell Latitude E5470 and decided to upload a particular BootPack for macOS Catalina. It is titled for E5570 but it should work for the E5470. I hope this works for you to install Catalina on your dell laptop. Dell E5570 Catalina bootpack.zip
  5. I tried both of the EFI folders and I am able to get into the installer, my trackpad still won't work in the install. I tried different voodooi2c kexts and still no luck.
  6. I would be really glad if there is a bootpack/EFI folder for my laptop that works. Hope there is a solution!
  7. I just got a dell latitude 5580 with specs as follows 1: Intel Core i5-7200u @ 2.5GHZ 2: 256gb m.2 Toshiba ssd 3: i2c trackpad and keyboard I have lots of different EFI folders and can't seem to boot my installer into the setup because I get the circle with the slash through it. If I have success booting my installer, my i2c trackpad doesn't work. I've tried many methods and they don't seem to work for me.
  8. @carking88: If your wireless card is not working, make sure it is enabled in the BIOS along with bluetooth. Also, for the trackpad, in EFI/Clover/Kexts/Other, add this kext that is meant for ALPS but will get you only the basic gestures.
  9. why wouldn't my ALPS touch pad be fully supported if some other ALPS touch pads are.
  10. Little update: I installed windows 10 pro and found out my trackpad is ALPS. I found another guide how to fix ALPS on this site and used one of the kexts and I put it VoodooPS2Controller-R6RC2.kext.zip in EFI/Clover/Kexts/Other and the gestures are showing in system preferences but none of them work. Hope I am still on topic with this guide.
  11. Update: I actually found a externel display and now HDMI is fully working with Jake Lo's e7470 hackintosh bootpack.
  12. To be honest, I don't have an external display too test the HDMI video with so I don't have a clue if that feature works or not.
  13. The Dell Latitude E5570 is working well. I've been using it as my main computer for quite some time now. I really hope that the touch pad will be figured out soon but other than that, the dell laptop is quite a solid hackintosh laptop
  14. Just wanted to say that I have booted successfully with your ACPI and config.plist files! I got no kernel panics which is good!
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