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  1. anyone got a boot pack for 7060 tower ? i tried both pack from github and it isn't working. Spec i5-8500 Intel UHD Graphics 630
  2. Hello Jake Lo i have patched the USB port and everything work very well now. do u know if dual DP port work ? i m only able to get the 1st DP port working. what do i need to look to fix this ? also i m only getting 2k from my 4k monitor Thank you
  3. i have used Hackintool to generate my USB. after export i got SSDT-EC-USBX.aml and SSDT-UIAC.aml. Do i put them anywhere ? look like everything works, wifi/bluetooth(DW1820a), imessage, airdrop, and even handoff
  4. i did added both of the patches to config.plist. also the system is booting up very slow and it take about 2 min for the wifi to connect
  5. thx for the help, after replacing USBPorts-O7470.kext with USBInjectall.kext i m not able to see any USB 3.0 devices, what m i missing ?
  6. Hello, i m having some issue with the video and USB. by using Jake Lo boot pack i was able to install Catalina 10.15.4. after the install i m getting [IGPU] Hash data from ME never returned, status = 1, doing retry#, to resolve this i had added boot args -disablegfxfirm i have added dell PCIe wifi card with DW1820A at slot one, there is a cable connecting the PCIe card to the onboard USB port for bluetooth, but i m not able to detect any bluetooth device. i have tested with windows and it's working just fine. also when i dismount a USB drive. look like others USB port become un useable. Bios: 1.15.5 Clover revision: r5115 Catalina 10.15.4 Whats working: Speaker (Internal) Internal USB port (HS12) it was disable from the bootpack Wifi (DW1820A) Bluetooth Handoff Whats NOT working: Sleep (Screen stay black after wake) pending to add a video card Hotspot from Iphone. i do see my phone listed under wifi icon, but i can't connect to it. not looking to resolve this edit: Want to upload my work for others too just incase someone building one, i used Jake Lo bootpack from this POST to make my USB boot drive. updated all the kext and USB port mapping for internal port for Wifi. all credit go to the site and Jake Lo 06/02/2020 updated to 10.5.5 without a problem Added RX560 MSI Areo 4gb (Sleep work, dual 4k work OOB) EFI_7040MT20200512.zip
  7. Hello Tubardus u reminded me when i started trying to do my 7490, u r running into same problem i had 6 month ago trying to built my 7490. in a short answer. use a DW1560 WIFI and never touch any DW1820A. this been said many time here or other place. i didn't believe not to use DW1820A and i end up having all the 4 version and i still wasn't able to get it working. with all the money and time i really wish i have listened and use a card that work out of the box i m almost sure there are atleast 2 diff type of motherboard. took me almost 2 week to get my 1st boot going. and the problem was only 1 out of the 3 USB will boot the installation USB. i think we have the same type of motherboard =D
  8. Hello, i installed Catalina 10.15.3 with the boot pack from p1 of this thread and config.plist from 1/1/2019. My PC come with AMD Radeon R7 350 (Device 1002:6610) what do i need to do to get the video card working ? 7040_catalina.zip
  9. i m using the stock Dell Micron 512 SATA3 M.2 drive(0YGH36), will get it replace if things r working out fine. i m able to bootup with Clover_Pack_7490#5_Herve.zip. i got into the setup screen, mouse and keyboard is not working. all i did was copy the bootpack #5 and over write boot pack #6 on the USB i was able to install until like the last 5min and it error inside the installer Installer Log 2-Sep-2019.txt.zip
  10. don't have pack 5# i was hoping u may have it =D np i will try re doing the USB from another system is there a way to dump the boot log to look at it ?
  11. nope, even with BIOS.aml is not booting. someone have reported bootpack #5 were able to boot, should i try it ?
  12. may i ask if your KP look like mine ? i haven't put my DW1820A in the system , it's still on the stock wifi
  13. not the 1st time i make my own USB installing mojave, what could be wrong ? i remake the USB like 3 time already
  14. i updated lilu and WEG, same type of KP WEG was outdated i think
  15. Hello, I m not able to boot up with 7490_Clover_Pack #6. can someone check my EFI folder ? Also I plan to be using DW1820A 08PKF4 or 096JNT will work on this ? i think my problem is about the same, at least the boot up look very alike 7490_Clover_Pack_micgo.zip
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