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  1. @Jake Lo and @Jazzoo, it worked as advertised. Even with FileVault on and an inplace upgrade from Catalina to Monterey which I figured I should just try because there was nothing to lose. Even all kext work properly for me (including my own DW1802A). Thank you for the EFI! Can recommend this to everyone.
  2. My bootable USB with an installer of Monterey is working too with @Jake Lo's EFI. Installing now and see how far it can go.
  3. Am I correct to assume this can also be used with an USB installer with Monterey and not just an installed macOS instance (just like with Clover)? Curious to try this when I get home. Hopefully @idle can post his working EFI for reference.
  4. Mind sharing your EFI? About to update my 7390 (based on Hervé's 7490 Catalina build) with a fresh install of macOS Monterey. Building an USB (w/ OpenCore) with Monterey as we speak. Would be nice to have a decent example of a working EFI for Monterey based on 7490.
  5. I've replaced the config.plist in my EFI from the 7490_Mojave_Clover_Pack_#8.zip file of your Mojave and this seems to work. Isn't this implemented in your Clover Configuration Pack #2 for Catalina? Thank you for your solution. Am I missing anything else? I tried a few times and it seems to work fine now.
  6. Updated to the newest (7 days ago) Lilu, WhateverGreen and AppleALC. To no avail unfortunately.
  7. I have a Latitude 7390, it worked fine with Mojave (and a EDID Override) for the AOC-display (1080p Q40G027N with internal speakers) at my work. I've tried several of this monitors and with Catalina (10.15.3 overwrite of Mojave, Hervé's guide with DSDT removed) there seems to be an issue with the HDMI connectivity. The screen sometimes flashes when connecting and it turns itself off / no signal. After plugin it out and in for a few times the screen or turning the screen off and on it seems to work. It might be a configuration file which does not initiate properly. A HDMI beamer (w/ sound) that I tried in another did not have these issues (and with the EDID Override on Mojave I did not have these issues either, the screen worked fine for more than a year). I removed the EDID Override profile because it only changed the colors under Mojave from really purple to normal. If the screen connects (and it works) then it continues to work as long as I do not disconnect the HDMI or lock my screen. Does anyone have any suggestions since the guide from Hervé's stated that it should work out of the box. Information when the external display is working: Intel UHD Graphics 620: Chipset Model: Intel UHD Graphics 620 Type: GPU Bus: Built-In Slot: Built-in VRAM (Dynamic, Max): 1536 MB Vendor: Intel Device ID: 0x5916 Revision ID: 0x0007 Metal: Supported, feature set macOS GPUFamily2 v1 Displays: Display: Resolution: 1920x1080 (1080p FHD - Full High Definition) UI Looks like: 1920 x 1080 @ 60 Hz Framebuffer Depth: 30-Bit Colour (ARGB2101010) Main Display: Yes Mirror: Off Online: Yes Automatically Adjust Brightness: No Connection Type: Internal 2775: Resolution: 1920x1080 (1080p FHD - Full High Definition) UI Looks like: 1920 x 1080 @ 60 Hz Framebuffer Depth: 30-Bit Colour (ARGB2101010) Display Serial Number: KNHG3JA000330 Mirror: Off Online: Yes Rotation: Supported Automatically Adjust Brightness: No
  8. Interesting, could you explain the IORegExplorer story please (I still don't get it, I have no Windows on the laptop anymore). Xcode is probably used but not sure where to get the app and if the USB ports (Injects etc) have to be changed?
  9. Well not sure if the touch screen works, but my 7390 works perfectly based on Herve's guide. Trackpad and HDMI work fine as well (trackpad buttons don't, but the tap on the trackpad is a great replacement). The colours of HDMI were pink, had to use a ruby script (Kinda of using this guide) and put the files in the appropriate folder and reboot. Works great!
  10. Well all seems to be solved! It seems my NMVE SSD was a PM961 256GB from Samsung which caused all these issues. Now with Helve's config and tools it works right out of the box. Bloody PM961! Everyone keep away from that SSD! Thanks to all who helped me forward!
  11. I had both of these selected: Clover for UEFI booting only Install Clover in the ESP The guide from Hervé's made an EFI partition (for some reason?) and yours apparently did not (???). I seem to be unable to boot the USB if the EFI folder is located next to the MacOS Install Mojave app (done by createinstallmedia). Did I miss anything? I will re-add the Bootpack from Hervé's. (I did so last night but didn't get the disk to show so I retried with your guide). In your guide I missed the Bootpack that's why it is empty, so I will retry with Hervé's Bootpack. Any suggestions to change in the config.plist? Did I also miss the SSDT's? It feels like I see a reason why my disk detection (and installation) fails but I am not quite sure where to find the appropriate configuration it. I still have the Intel WiFi chip, I first want this to work without WiFi (ethernet for now is fine), so I can buy the appropriate chip which works and make WiFi work. Thank you Jake for your help, it is much appreciated. Hopefully I am not too much of a bother.
  12. Here''s my Clover folder. I made several USB's to boot from. The guide told me to install Clover into the ESP, this does not create an EFI partition itself (which should be fine), however that USB is not bootable for some reason., I used your guide: Install Mojave CLOVER.zip And unfortunately this did not change, it did not show up. The volume is formatted APFS as far as I can tell (and it does show up when I boot from the installer itself on USB). I already and also tried this one as well: Guide by Hervé
  13. Yeah I did, thanks for the reminder.
  14. I installed the partition to GUID with Disk Utility. Or did you mean the partition of the USB (/w Clover + MacOS Installer)?
  15. I know the topic states 7490, I have a 7390 (Core i5, 8GB, no touchscreen, FHD), is there much of a difference between the two models? I've tried the guide here on this forum, however the Clover USB does not show the install partition (MacOS Mojave 10.14.5) (MacOS Install on SSD) while booting. Other stuff (battery and keyboard) work fine. I can't seem to understand why the disk is not showing in Clover. I followed the entire guide. It feels like there is something wrong with APFS or HFS+ (tried both) or the apfsdriverloader-64.efi or even the config.plist (tried newest clover as well). The BIOS is 1.9.3 and disk set to AHCI. Secure boot off, etc. I know the Intel WiFi does not work (plan to swap that out once MacOS works). (not trying to hijack this topic, just a push in the right direction)
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