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  1. How to do it? So there's no way to make them work? (Buttons)
  2. I did try without the flag but got this, also touchpad is now working but buttons doesn't
  3. Now i can boot, i setup my system; can remove that boot flag? how to make the touchpad work? EDIT: Yes my BIOS config is the same like post
  4. It throws immediately to Installer without choose option EDIT: I already can boot but doesn't display anything, only voiceover is talking
  5. I follow exactly same instructions even deleting DSDT and replaced it with new BrightnessFix (config and .aml) using the Catalina Clover Pack #2 from guide but got this keeps displaying until i get in kernel panic
  6. I'm following Hervé's clover pack #2 as it comes but when i try to boot after verbose logs i just got a black screen, the keyboard's blacklight is turned on but doesn't show anything nor installer EDIT: I can fix it using -igfxvesa but just before finish installation the kernel panics, and got in boot loops (cause kernel keeps failing and panicking)
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