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  1. ye i tried to patch them via MacASI. I fixed errors and added patches like IGFX but nothing I Did some progress! I made my DSDT, APPLE HDA Works and it boots to OS. The only problem is like always... No Sleep. DSDT.aml.zip E6430 on E6530 DSDT goes to sleep mode but has issues with LCD Is there anyway to merge E6430 and E6530 to make one stable DSDT? For I5 3230M
  2. Did you used any kexts? I have the same one and i cant get more then 2mb
  3. What is your speed?
  4. I dumped my ACPI's from Windows To Go using RW If someone needs it here: EFI_E6530_I5_3230M_Nvidia.zip UPD: Tried them right now and nothing, wont go to sleep mode Am i supossed to patch them somehow?
  5. Is there anyway i can get ACPI's from Windows? I have Windows To Go flash drive
  6. ar9565 is not supported higher then Mojave. You can find some kexts but they are not vanile and not stable. I have that wifi card and my speed is 2mbps, even tho my wifi is 10 Gbit. Replace your card
  7. well, i have nv_disable=1 argument. I think you could Guess that i have nvidia. btw thank you so much for your effort. I tried your Config.plist and i am getting graphics error IOConsoleUsers. Should i restore my confog.plist? tried your ACPI without combining, tried to combine my ACPI with your and there is something. It takes 3 minutes to sleep my laptop, but after i wake it up, mac freezes
  8. is there anyway i can get ACPI? i dont know how to create SSDT DSDT
  9. Bios is the latest. I think it is A22. i updated it month ago (when i got into hackintosh things) Also i am getting problems with battery percentage. It is not monitored in real time. origin.zip
  10. PC Specs: E6530 | I5 3230M | AR9281 | 8GB | 850EVO | HD 4000 & NVS 5200M | Boot Args: keepsyms=1 debug=0x100 -xcpm -v nv_disable=1 HD4000 FakeID 0x0 | HD4000 I GplatformID 0x01660004 Latest WhateverGreen, Lilu. Latest Clover. ACPI taken from [E6430 Full Solution] My EFI: EFI.zip Laptops shuts the screen off when apple logo appear. I can wake the screen by pressing Fn+Brightness but it goes to sleep back after like 20 seconds. And if i wake it from Sleep it works Normal. Full HD4000 Acceleration and QE/CI support 1.5GB. I Thinks that is ACPI Error but that happens to all E6x30 Acpi's that is found on internet It is hard to explain, i just post the private youtube video I Can just keep using it like this but that is annoying Which kext or what changes i have to make to Config.plist in order to achieve an enjoyable MacOS Usage? Thanks for wasting your time
  11. thank you so much Just opened Clover CFG And added a patch in ACPI Section. Worked perfectly But now i am getting ioconsoleusers error. I tried to clear nvram, inject intel, nvidia. Play with bootargs (nv_disable=1) Still error Should i disable optimus? UPD: Disable Optimus and nv_disable=1 solve the problem Thanks again
  12. Hey, that is me again Trying to install Vanille Hackintosh through another Mac and i am getting this error [Photo] PC Specs: E6530 | I5 3230M | AR9281 | 8GB | 850EVO | HD 4000 | NVS 5200 (ACPI Disabled) | Boot Args: keepsyms=1 debug=0x100 -xcpm -v Kexts: Downloaded from CloverCFG | AppleALC | FakeSMC and fork of kexts | IntelMausi | Lilu | USBInjectAll | WhateverGreen | I dont need other kext right now, because i just want to install it and configure it after Cant find any solution in Google My fresh EFI with ivy Config and some kexts: EFI.zip Sorry and Thanks for wasting your time on this
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