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  1. Hi yeah this should be output bcoz below are output devices <key>Inputs</key> <array> <string>Headphone</string> <string>IntSpeaker</string> </array> it doesn't matter you can reverse order to line-in then mic or mic then line-in , same with output device speaker then headphones or headphones then speaker
  2. check applehda loaded when no audio
  3. will wait until @M0CRT replies
  4. where you put AppleALC ??
  5. ok i will look again and see what difference is
  6. jake do you have this codec ??
  7. did you try layout 13 AppleALC ?? it match your codec_dump
  8. Hi did you try other layouts ID ??
  9. let me do this then
  10. is it fixed ? i'm back let me know
  11. follow this and send me codec_dumo https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/11167-applehda-patch-request/
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