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  1. Soon i upload my last clover update for High Sierra. I'm selling my laptop and i want to give you my last contribution to this community. Thanks all for these years of learning
  2. i have no kernel panic, and Traktor dont use the lasted versions. i'm using 2.6.8 this version work absolutely fine
  3. i have and i dont know how get it work
  4. Try to increase the brightness in clover config.plist
  5. I think i didn't touch since old version, but i change it and i get the same glitch. Its caused by the new mac-pixel-clock patch. In EC works fine Thanks anyway, i'll keep trying to get all working fine
  6. You guys have a glitch when you move a windows over the desktop (conected by hdmi - external monitor)?
  7. Thanks Jake, i'll upload again with some changes. Now we have a webcam working again.
  8. I have clover updated and sierra installed, all work fine. i'll upload the zip later
  9. did you updated clover? when i put the last version clover doesnt boot
  10. I think i'll try when final release is out
  11. A update guide is more o less the same. Besides is better a new clean installation
  12. Search in google "OS X El Capitan 10.11 bootable USB for Intel PCs"
  13. take a look here https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/2120-supportedunsupported-wireless-cards-inventory/
  14. Try it with my files i'm sure you get it work. I have a friend who have an Asus K55VD with Yosemite working with my old files. I suppose that the new one work fine too
  15. Thanks, it works without that Mine is working fine Update OP to have Audio through HDMI without patched kext
  16. i have it working but only with patched Appleintelframebuffercapri, with dsdt and clover nothing happens
  17. Updated OP https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/2184-asus-k55vm-el-capitan-1011-update-71015/
  18. I tried all these possibilities but none is working, Ive seen other difference with yosemite, i have a device named DeviceN this isn't show in Yose
  19. No but maybe you know how to change or something, otherwise do you know if there a possibility to get audio hdmi with out kext maybe with a clover patch?
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