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  1. I have too. I installed switchresx for change monitor preferences.
  2. I'm using the same clover as mavericks. I created the install usb with Pandora's box. When finish, I installed clover in the usb, but with that clover, the system doesn't boot. so I copied the same clover that used in Maveriks to usb, copying the kexts files to /kexts/other/ folder Once installed sierra, install the fakesmc and appehda.kext to s/l/e and it works perfect, the sound and everything. The only failing is that I use dual screen and gives me trouble setting the alignment of the screens http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/files/file/11-pandoras-box-os-x-installer/
  3. rufabf, where is your first post of this topic?
  4. someone has dared to install macos sierra? I'm making a backup, to install it today, but I don't know if all works fine!
  5. Yeah! The problem was mackextlight. I've edited the info.plist inside the kext with textedit, and now run like a charm! Thanks!
  6. Yes, I fix one ALC270HDA.kext, and copied it to EFI partition, and installed to S/L/E, and finally, I repaired permissions and repaired cache, but I haven't sound. This ALC270HDA.kext is the same I've been using last months
  7. Hi! I have a kext named ALC270HDA.kext. I've added the keys between the </string> and the </dict> labels, but I haven't sound yet. I've the modified kext in EFI partition and installed in S/L/E, but I don't have sound
  8. I updated today. it was all perfect, but had no sound. finally , I restored to 10.11.03
  9. Ahh sorry. I've the cam locked in bios. I did not remember
  10. Webcam don't working in my laptop, but isn't problem for me. All is working like a charm
  11. Wow, I have pointed 10600 in geekbench in capitan, more than ever. Using smbios macbookpro 8,1, the system flies and all usb is working. The only I don't have working is the sound throught hdmi
  12. I still without sound. I've installed alc270.kext in s/l/e and repaired permissions and nothing. Also I've deleted original AppleHDA.kext from s/l/e. I tried voodoohda also without success.
  13. Please Jake Lo upload your appleHDA and your config.plist of clover
  14. Ok, changing smbios to MacBook Pro 9,2, works usb correctly But I haven't sound with the kexttopatch of Jake Lo
  15. Thanks!! And usb? How you patched it? Only works 1 usb for me!
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