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  1. I have too. I installed switchresx for change monitor preferences.
  2. I'm using the same clover as mavericks. I created the install usb with Pandora's box. When finish, I installed clover in the usb, but with that clover, the system doesn't boot. so I copied the same clover that used in Maveriks to usb, copying the kexts files to /kexts/other/ folder Once installed sierra, install the fakesmc and appehda.kext to s/l/e and it works perfect, the sound and everything. The only failing is that I use dual screen and gives me trouble setting the alignment of the screens http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/files/file/11-pandoras-box-os-x-installer/
  3. rufabf, where is your first post of this topic?
  4. someone has dared to install macos sierra? I'm making a backup, to install it today, but I don't know if all works fine!
  5. Yeah! The problem was mackextlight. I've edited the info.plist inside the kext with textedit, and now run like a charm! Thanks!
  6. Yes, I fix one ALC270HDA.kext, and copied it to EFI partition, and installed to S/L/E, and finally, I repaired permissions and repaired cache, but I haven't sound. This ALC270HDA.kext is the same I've been using last months
  7. Hi! I have a kext named ALC270HDA.kext. I've added the keys between the </string> and the </dict> labels, but I haven't sound yet. I've the modified kext in EFI partition and installed in S/L/E, but I don't have sound
  8. I updated today. it was all perfect, but had no sound. finally , I restored to 10.11.03
  9. Ahh sorry. I've the cam locked in bios. I did not remember
  10. Webcam don't working in my laptop, but isn't problem for me. All is working like a charm
  11. Wow, I have pointed 10600 in geekbench in capitan, more than ever. Using smbios macbookpro 8,1, the system flies and all usb is working. The only I don't have working is the sound throught hdmi
  12. I still without sound. I've installed alc270.kext in s/l/e and repaired permissions and nothing. Also I've deleted original AppleHDA.kext from s/l/e. I tried voodoohda also without success.
  13. Please Jake Lo upload your appleHDA and your config.plist of clover
  14. Ok, changing smbios to MacBook Pro 9,2, works usb correctly But I haven't sound with the kexttopatch of Jake Lo
  15. Thanks!! And usb? How you patched it? Only works 1 usb for me!
  16. Hi! Anyone has installed El Capitan in K55Vm? I tried it in june, but usb not working. Now I dont know if all is working good
  17. localized problem . I use two monitors, and then upgrade to 10.10.1 , will not start. If I unplug the hdmi , boots fine .
  18. Is anyone having problems with the new os x update?? I only can boot in safe mode
  19. Looks like my restarts were to use an SMBIOS with turboboost. I've edited DSDT.aml if anyone wants to use SMBIOS 5.1 macbook pro with turboboost. Refrain those who need battery life! SMBIOS 5.1 macbook pro I get 10000 in Geekbench score. No turboboost, 7500, and the truth is that it shows https://www.dropbox.com/s/0f58rhcpt9ifp3e/DSDT.aml?dl=0
  20. You're right. I have touched many kexts and many things. I will do clean install
  21. Hi! I'm having randomly reboots. every 20 or 30 minutes It rebooted, and then the report makes me panic cpu. I'm the only one? or it happens to someone else?
  22. Thanks rubabf!!! now I have sound and everything work perfectly! I only changed smbios to macbook pro 6,1 for enable turboboost. I work in a table, without battery! Thanks!!! Ahh!! Is posible that graphics acceleration don't work properly? I think that graphics go slowly than mavericks, for example changing to the next desktop pressing command + right arrow.
  23. Yes! I use the entire EFI directory you uploaded
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