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  1. Hello and Happy New Year. I am using the bootpack. After checking step by step to see what is triggering a correct boot-up I noticed When I only drop OEM SSDT everything gets recognized but now it hangs after Sound recognition I have made several changes I will start over again to make it clean. Question. Do I have to relocate the Kexts to s/l/e and l/e respectively after the Installation? Cheers.
  2. I forgot to ask if that DSDT/SSDT patched is from the one I provided from my laptop on my first post. Thanks Again.
  3. Thanks. That did the trick. I get a Garble Screen Right before the logon screen but it works. I have to inject with clover shutdown and Lan. Now I have to replace the wifi. Cheers.
  4. Hello. I added the following to my config.plist base on a post from another site: <key>ig-platform-id</key> <string>0x16160002/0x16160000</string> I notice that the graphics are recognized but with an error related to backlight. (please see the screenshot) I wonder if this can be resolved by having my DSDT and SSDT patched. Please advice. Cheers
  5. Ok Got the Network Inserting the kext on "Other" Folder. Now to work the Graphics I will keep you posted. Thanks
  6. Thanks for your help. Is Hd5500. I will follow the DVMT guide and Get back to you. What about the ethernet not being recognized? Thanks in advance
  7. Hello All. Thanks to the Shared Knowledge I have manage to Installed El Capitan on my E5450 using Clover with the bootpack posted on previous. post https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/8180-yosemite-on-e5450/page-3 I am still having issues with Graphics and Network: Graphics Issue: graphics are flickering like when it runs on save mode. I notice the following message on verbose mode: [iGPU] Graphics Driver failed to load could register with FrameBuffer. I guess Graphics driver is not loading when booting. Network Issue: Intel Wifi will have to be replaced but I notice that the wifi card it is smaller card than the BCM that I used for my M4600. Do you know which card should I buy? Ethernet is not being recognized at all I have attached my Original ACPI Files using F4 on Clover for possible patching help. Any Help is much appreciated... Happy Holidays to all. ACPI.E5450.CyberRedeem.zip
  8. Hi… There is a long time that I don't Play along with Hackintosh…. I am trying to setup Yosmite on my Precision m4600. Can you share your Process… thanks…. PS. I am getting a "panic (cpu2 caller, etc)" loading up the installer… I prepare the usb clover.
  9. Hello Team. Long Time No Talk with you Guys Please find attach the Extra Folder I put together for OS X 10.9 Setup on Dell Precision M4600. Extra.zip Just Prepare the USB with My Hack. then Run My Hack again and Setup the Attached Extra Folder on the OSx Mavericks Installation USB. Use again the Extra Folder Finishing the OS x Mavericks installation on your M4600. Good luck
  10. No creen q se acabo la pelea un poco rápido?

  11. Tune in to Relaxation Radio on iTunes Radio: https://itun.es/rCKnodyj64SA

  12. Marc Anthony...If Justin Bieber was the one singing God Bless America this may not be happening right now...

  13. Hola, a todos los que están en mi lista de contactos. Por favor, tómense un minuto para leer esto: Facebook ha cambiado su configuración de privacidad. Debido a la nueva "graphic app" cualquier persona (incluyendo otros países) pueden ver tus fotos, likes y comments. Si deseas cambiar esta configuración coloca el 'mouse' encima de mi nombre (sin hacer clic), aparecerá una ventana. Ahora mueve el mouse a "Friends " (también sin hacer clic), luego a "Settings", haz clic aquí y aparecerá una...

  14. Ya empezaron algunas Rafagas Fuertes... Algunas ramas caídas... Planta Electrica y Cisterna ready

  15. Ginobiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  16. Hi Everyone. I am trying to install the EDP on my M4600. When I finish the Installation the EDP does not Run... When I checked the Extra folder is empty. Please Advice Cheers
  17. I will have to recreate the error in order to post a screenshot. I will get back to you on this one. PS. Yesterday I installed chimera (chameleon, stolen and rebranded) 2.0.1 to be able to fix the a problem with iMessages. Cyber
  18. I have just tested the EDP for Precision M4600: Since I was not able to boot below are my recommendations: 1.The Default Recommendations for Precision M4600 need to be corrected. The Extra Folder is base on the unifail/multifail Setup that I created first. 2. You should leverage the Extra folder created base on myHack setup following Herve Guidance. (https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/2257-dell-precision-m4600/ ) 3. The DSDT/SSDT files used for this Model inclusion are not fully stable yet but I am still working with Dinesh because Power Button is not turning Off When Shutting Down the system and Sleep option not working Yet. The DDST file included on the attached Extra folder have Shutdown working fine I recommend to put the defaults for this model on the EDP base on the Attached Extra Folder which have everything working except HDMI, Sleep and SDreader. You can update if there is additional progress with the new Patched DDST/SSDT files. I am working via email with Dinesh on that end. Thanks for your Great work. Your patience and Willingness to share knowledge with this Nooobee. cyber. PS: Let me know if I should provide additional Data. Extra.zip
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