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  1. Purchased three of the 0VW3T3 Models with ID 0021. Only one of them is working correctly without issues at a Lenovo (used below way 2).


    The two others do not work at HP and Asus, I can no more test them at the Lenovo.

    With Linux all three cards are working great.


    Tried these three ways:

    1) Only modified Info.plist with 43a3 to get Brcm4360 Kext load. This should to be the fastest way to get this DW1820A running.

    2) Searched PCI-Path with IOreg (it is RP06) and created SSDT with injections according to @Hervé s Manual

    3) Made Clover Injections (Properties) according to @Hervé s Manual


    Always getting KPs with two of the cards.


    Unfortunately so seems to me not all of these 0VW3T3/0021 are going to work as described.


    Did anyone try the Pin-Masking with the 0VW3T3 / 0021 models?

    Do I have to mask the same Pins as at the 08...?


    (By the way: Mac-Address matches printed Address on Label, one is 30... the other 74...)

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