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  1. I have an K45VM. It´s same specs but ALC269 soundcard. Can anyone help me to make it work? Thanks in advice
  2. D: Thank you. I´ll search about that.
  3. Thanks! That problem is solved Now I have this one when booting
  4. I´m using myHack. I have to install it to the USB?
  5. Hello again! I´ve just seen that my pc is in the EDP section. I´ve followed the manual but when I´m booting with the USB I get some lines. The last ones are boot0: GPT boot0: test boot0: test boot0: error_ That happens when booting to install
  6. @EMlyDinEsHEMlyDinEsH I´ve sent to the e-mail the files. I´ll wait for reply. Thanks in advice. Edit: I forgot to send by e-mail the ALC269 dump, so i´ve attached it. Sorry. I´ve got the dump without install of ubuntu, just running DVD Is that ok? codec_dump.txt
  7. I´ve sent my mail. It´s an outlook account with my nickname. My model is ASUS K45. Thanks in advice...
  8. Hi. I have a K45VM PC. The specs are allmost same as this post https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/2184-asus-k55vm/ Processor : Intel Core i7 3610QM Same Graphics Processor(GPU) : Intel HD4000 and Nvidia Optimus GT630M. Same RAM : 6GB DDR3 Wifi : Original not work (Replaced by: Dell 1390 (Broadcom 4311)) I´m buying Tl-wn725n LAN : Realtek RTL8168. Same Audio : Realtek ALC270 Mine ALC 269 USB 3.0 : Intel 7series/c216 USB 3.0 Same Touchpad : Elan Touchpad v4 Same Webcam : USB2.0 UVC VGA WebCam Same Card reader : Realtek RTS5289 PCI-E Card Reader Aida64 Reports mine as Generic- Multi Card Device. Monitor : AU Optronics B156XW02 V6 [15.6"LCD] Mine LG Philips LP140WH4-TLC1 As you can see, it´s pretty the same. I want to know how can I make my audio work (and if mic can work also) & disable Nvidia card. I have a question. If I follow the tutorial as it is, Im gonna be able to make work my audio? Because that´s the only diference I can notice and secreen, but I think adding the lines of device properties is enough. Thanks in advice.
  9. I have the possibility to change my Atheros AR9485 WiFi on my Asus K45 to AR5006X since the one that came with notebook doesn´t works. I´ve been doing some google research but i haven´t found if it´s compatible or not. Thanks in advice
  10. Luijo


    Hi! I´m from Mexico I´ve just hackint0sh(ed) an old Aspire 3680, had a lot of difficulties but managed to do it (Intel Celeron M @1.6GHz and integrated graphics) I just had that experience with iFail My interest in hackint0sh is that i can´t afford a mac as fast as i wanted, so i bought a notebook recently and I supposed it won´t have any problem to work I can tell i have a mid experience level at computer skills... I´ve had just start programing c++ I have no aditional skills
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