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  1. VMware didn't work for me. What worked was VM virtual box which is easy to set up and works on linux and windows host systems. And the rest ofcourse, unifail and clover.
  2. check this link - https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/1968-fn-hotkey-driver-for-asus-notebooks/ You'll get brightnes, volume etc controls with Fn key. Works perfectly
  3. There is a ML update on the app store, so should I update or is there any other method? If can update then any bugs or anything not working. Currently I'm on 10.8.
  4. By original WiFi adapter you mean the Atheros WiFi which is installed in the laptop? Then I don't think so. Broadcom kext will only work with broadcom chip. And my Bluetooth isn't working. Just WiFi as I got the external USB as mentioned above.
  5. And for the sleep issue getting kernel panic has been solved by using the Fn keys kext from this post https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/1968-fn-hotkey-driver-for-asus-notebooks/
  6. Well WiFi and Bluetooth doesn't work with this laptop's Atheros WiFi chip. As posted in the OP, Wifi : Original not work (Replaced by: Dell 1390 (Broadcom 4311) Well I did not replace it rather got an external USB WiFi adapter. List of USB WiFi adapters working with OS X can be found here third post. I got a RaLink 2870 and working perfectly
  7. Good to know about the 16GB RAM. Will upgrade soon. BTW OS X shows 16GB or just windows?
  8. Worked perfectly with my Asus k55vm. All keys are working as mentioned in the OP
  9. Yup. I got a USB Wifi Ralink RT2870 and my WiFi is working. But yes I researched that getting WiDi in windows will require a certain WiFi card. I have a working ML with WiFi, what more can I ask for. BTW, putting it to sleep is a problem, whenever I close the lid the laptop goes to sleep without any problem, but when awakening it goes into kernel panic most of the time. I have removed AppleSmartBattery.kexy and put voodoo kext with kext utility and vice-versa but same problem. Solutions please
  10. Checked the Asus site and it says 8gb. I had called Asus a couple of months back and asked the same and they said its not expandable as I already have 8gigs. One question to add is has anyone been successful for Intel WiDi(wireless display) with this laptop? Or do I need another Wifi card for this?
  11. When I put it to sleep, its goes to sleep just fine. When I log back in and again want to put it to sleep again, the laptop either shuts downs or restarts. Is there a kext I'm missing here? And also when I close the lid, the laptop shuts down instead of going to sleep mode. Everything else is working just fine. Please help.
  12. I'm on the latest bios - BIOS 211 from the Asus download page http://support.asus.com/Download.aspx?SLanguage=en&m=K55VM&p=3&s=386 Whats your bios version?
  13. http://db.tt/3j72mUAh Don't have the option to add
  14. Got it working. Logged on to it just fine with clover. Adding boot option in bios is what I can't find still. And is your WiFi working? As in the OP it says for a different WiFi card. But any work around to get this card working ?
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