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  2. Dear All, Thank You @Jake Lo because I found the EFI Opencore from your post and I create USB boot but it was stuck on logo Apple. I used my old EFI Clover boot is working good but it was still have problem in Sleep mode (black screen). I'm using the MacBook Air's Wifi Card CS2 and It's working automatic. Please help me! my Clover EFI: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ulh6V8lgsQ22tRvUnZzFs1UPgDsRSnr-/view?usp=sharing and the OC EFI attach below: E7270_OC_JakeLo_test1.zip
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  4. So, i finally got it working after 2 installs and 10 restarts later. So, should i just run the GenerateSMBIOS.command and input "MacBookPro12,1" to get a SN, MLB and System UUID to add to my config.plst (with Opencore Configurator). Then also put my MAC Address (from Network > Ethernet > Advanced) and put in the ROM section? Reboot & Reset NVRam? I tried it earlier and kept getting a boot loop, so i just referred back to the old numbers i generated (from within OCC, running on catalina), and it worked again. I can't get a SN to generate from within OCC ever since i have been on Big Sur.
  5. @Jake Lo after I remove -igfxvesa I saw a error. I have to come back my efi: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18V6G75GWbAahPbrZOPQv2loQiIbqeIMT/view?usp=sharing
  6. I ran the USB installer again, and it looks like it is working this time. it got to the second part of the install this time. Fingers crossed!
  7. remove this from the boot arg under NVRam in the config file -igfxvesa
  8. I’m getting slightly different kp’s now, it stopped looping
  9. @Jake Lo my IOReg file: my IOReg file_ Dell 7370 M5-6Y57.zip
  10. I’m made a fresh install from usb and i got this KP twice. Now it is looping, restarting itself. Not sure what i’m doing wrong
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  12. It would be very time saving for me to try another ones EFI folder.
  13. Hi anyone running BigSur at Optiplex 3020 with OpenCore? Would be great if You could provide me Your EFI folder!
  14. I have no intention on moving to Big Sur at the moment. Catalina will do nicely, like it did in opencore
  15. You may also use Clover Configurator and its SMBIOS + RtVariables tabs to generate your SMBIOS data.
  16. Good luck with Clover, support is not so good with Big Sur at the moment.
  17. Yes, to resetting the NVRam on any changes
  18. Hi for everyone. I use Opencore 0.6.3 to compile EFI folder for HP Probook 650 G1. I like to share it for test and for help to fix glitches. For me everything work good. Is need only to use GenSMBIOS to make own MacSerial (I generate random in example) EFI.zip P.S. My spec Core i5-4210M @2.60GHz, 8GB DDR3 I use MaciASL to Patch DSDT and change VoodooInput to 1.0.8 in VoodooRMI.
  19. Thx I will give it a try after I merged to clover. I feel/hope that Clover will give a better compability as well. I need dual boot with windows and maybe Linux as well so that is easier to manage with clover.
  20. No, there is no other option in the OC picker. It went through the install dialog, even though i was on verbose mode, looked like it installed fine. I will try the installer again. (Got another KP on restart, so had to switch back to the Catalina EFI to avoid KP, then switch it back to the Big Sur EFI right before i run installer again for it to load properly). Should i run reset NVRam after every time i change the EFI? Having troubles with both EFI's. Might give up on this clone and just try a clean Big Sur Install instead of the update. Luckily the Big Sur update worked on my other laptop, not sure what the difference was rly.
  21. post latest files + IOReg file using ioregistryexplorer.app
  22. O WOOOOOOW, An i7, Like WT*, I fixed my SMBIOS thing, but its not a big deal, I kinda like it this way lol... The trackpad still doesn't work, but this time at least I didn't have a KP after disabling VoodooI2C Input, but touchpad is not functioning. Also I don't know what SSDTs or Patches do I need to fix broken Fn Keys, or the Charger problem the HDMI and also the headphone jack both don't work
  23. Check OC Picker, do you see an option for Install MacOS...? Looks like the installation didn't complete, from the screenshot it shows kernel = 19H15 = Catalina. Big Sur kernel = 20xx
  24. Try replacing files with this here and add your Intel kexts / change smbios from CoffeeLake to Skylake / change platformID for Skylake HD520 Or add the SSDT's / patches to your setup
  25. Hmm. I reset NVram again after Big Sur installation and this KP, and it started up, but still with Catalina
  26. Hey everyone, So, After trying for days to Update my Working Clover EFI to 5123 or later, I changed my mind about Booting Big Sur from Clover, I was afraid from OC, but I ended up trying my luck with a Random Skylake EFI I found, Surprisingly, It Booted with most things working, I'm using it right now to type this message. But, I still have some small problems that need to be fixed, I hope someone can help me with this please... What's not working : Trackpad (was working on Catalina with Clover, I just needed the VoodooI2C.kext), HDMI port doesn't work at all. Some specific things make the system completely freeze : EFI.zip Clicking on some Fn Keys : F9, F11, and F12, Removing/Plugging the Charger, which is extremely weird (I know its something in the ACPI folder). The weirdest but not important problem : on about this Mac, it says I have an i7, and that's because I keep choosing a 13" MBP but it keeps reverting back to a 15" for no reason whenever I reboot >:( Thats all, Thanks in advance. (Latitude 5480 with an i5 6300U) Note : I removed the WiFi kext from my EFI to reduce the size of the file.
  27. Post IOReg file using this app Launch, save, compress and attach it here
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    • Nov 19th, 2020: Apple released a statement related to severe issues affecting Late 2013/Mid 2014 13" MacBookPro. These are the Haswell MacBookPro11,1 models.
      In order to prevent further widespread of the issues and pending an eventual fix, Apple released a new Big Sur 11.0.1 version (build 20B50) that basically excludes MBP11,1 platform from the list of supported Mac models.
      15" models of the same generation, i.e. MacBookPro11,2 and MacBookPro11,3 are not affected by this and remain on the list of supported platforms.
      The direct consequence of this on Hackintosh is this:
      Hackintosh computers running with MacBookPro11,1 SMBIOS can no longer obtain Big Sur as a software update or download Big Sur from the AppStore. Hackintosh computers running with MacBookPro11,1 SMBIOS can no longer install Big Sur without the -no_compat_check boot argument. A workaroud to this is of course to run maOC with a different SMBIOS such a MacBookPro11,2 or MacBookPro11,3.
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    • Released November 12th, 2020 as announced.
      Version 11.0.1, build 20B29



      Officially, this drops support for Ivy Bridge systems with Intel HD4000 graphics to raise the minimum requirements to Haswell graphics. However, nVidia Kepler graphics remain supported. A notable exception to these specifications appears to apply to the iMac14,1/2/3 (Haswell models with Iris Pro 5200 or Kepler GT7x5M graphics) that all appear officially unsupported.
      Also released at the same time:
      High Sierra 10.13.6 Security Update 2020-006 (build 17G14042) Mojave 10.14.6 Security Update 2020-006 (build 18)
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    • Bronxteck recently reminded us of links Apple publish in relation to creating bootable installers for OS X and macOS from El Capitan 10.11, so here's a link to the related main page:
      Very useful as a replacement to the old AppStore method that allowed registered users to re-download an OS X/macOS installation package if they had already done so in the past.
      12GB required for USB keys/flash disks.
      Whilst the information is obviously meant for Apple Mac computers, it's nevertheless 100% relevant to the 1st phase of creating USB installers for Hackintosh computers, the 2nd phase being the necessary installation of the bootloader (Enoch, Clover or otherwise).
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