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  3. Remove the DW1820A card and try again. Stick with the Catalina bootpack. Most up to date but of course maybe updating some of the kexts too. DW180A has caused issue on my E7470. Someone has success with it on E7470 but has a different ID than the one I have. So you might want to confirm which version of the DW1820a you have. But start the install without it for now. AppleBacklightFixup.kext is not needed anymore, you could remove that
  4. Long time hackintosh user. I do have a Intel NUC 54250WYKH running High Sierra (can't find time to upgrade it). First time time installing on Dell E7470. Crash on first USB boot. Cannot get to Mac OS Installer. Stuck on Apple logo, progress bar with a very small percentage and a functional cursor, all that after all verbose finished loading. Tried High Sierra, Mojave and Catalina. Different USB drives. They all freeze at same moment with the same behavior. I really avoid opening new topics if there is any other that I can follow, but could not find other one alike this problem. Any help is appreciated. Followed the guides at https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/8506-dell-latitude-inspiron-precision-vostro-xps-clover-guide and https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/9179-dell-latitude-e7x70-clover-uefi-only/ to the letter. Things to note: BIOS: 1.22.8 I did not do not set DVMT to 96MB (0x3) since all bootpacks come with Lilu and WhateverGreen . BIOS settings: Set to Default and apply, SATA Operations = AHCI, Boot List Option to UEFI, Legacy ROM = Disabled, Secure Boot = Disabled, TPM = tried both Enabled/Disabled, Wake on LAN = Disabled, and Legacy ROM = Disabled. Clover (release 5100) with following settings: Install for UEFI booting only, Install Clover in the ESP, all other options to the letter . First copied (with replace not merge) the generic bootpack EFI_v5100.zip at the first guide, and then copied over (with replace) the E7470 bootpack at the second guide, usind the appropriate pack to whatever Mac OS version I was trying to install (E7470_1.17.5_HS, E7470_Mojave and E7470_Catalina) Just HSFPlus.efi, no VBoxHfs.efi // Just VirtualSMC.kext no SMCHelper and no FakeSMC . Updated Lilu to 1.4.0 and WhaeverGreen to 1.3.5 . Specs: Core i5-6600U, 8GB DDR4, Intel 520 graphics, 1440p touch screen ( ! ), 512GB LiteOn LGH-512V2G M.2 SSD (non NVMe), Broadcom DW1820A, Intel I219-LM ethernet. Steps considered: Used arguments -igfxvesa and -v Tried Clover r5070. Post my EFI folder and my F4 dump. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance. EFI_joao.zip ACPI_origin.zip
  5. Yesterday
  6. It does not really matter you got the old kext from a different thread, it's the exact same one (HiSie's v328)... Allow me to correct your statement about the patch. The Clover binary patch applicable to Catalina simply is: Kext: AppleAHCIPort Find: 40600200 Replace: 00000000 The other 2 x patches you referred to (and those were mentioned for Mojave) appear totally irrelevant because the target (i.e. Find) binary code (hex strings) does not exist in the vanilla kext. At least not in 10.15.2.'s... By the way, Clover Configurator includes a Base64 to Hex converter.
  7. I am unable to get BT working on 10.15.2 . I have E7240 with DW1550, which is essentially the same chip as DW1560. I have the feeling that it's something USB power related as BT device is detected, but unable to connect to anything.
  8. Hi Herve´, Thanks for the valuable advice! Actually, that AppleAHCIPort kext came from here, posted a few months ago in this forum, albeit in a thread on Mojave. But knowing the right search terms to type into Google is sometimes half the battle... The last link you provided contained most of the solution in several pieces. Fortunately I was able to find a reddit post that I could link to here that contained the complete solution without the "8 zeroes vs 9 zeroes" confusion. First, I removed both the AppleAHCIPort.kext and the IOAHCISerialATAPI_Injector.kext. I used this converter to convert the Base64 strings from the reddit post into Hex that I could paste into the "kext to patch" page in Clover Configurator. Make sure to apply all three patches from the reddit post, the two in the question and the one in the reply.
  9. I tried the patch, and it worked! It goes to sleep normally now. Just need to have it turn on when I open the laptop.
  10. Hi all, im want to share my Clover Folder that works fine with macOs Catalina since 10.15 at 10.15.2, thanks for all support!!! Im test with many apps, and no issue report!!! Mediafire link EFI - Clover 5100
  11. But can I use it I always have it plugged in anyway
  12. I very much doubt the patched DSDT of the E6230 has anything to do with your issue... Your patched AppleAHCIPort kext is of High Sierra (beta?) origin (v328), re-versioned to v999. It probably came from here or here and details of the alternative to reverting kext (i.e. binary patch) were posted here. Given the very origin of the kext, I'm not too surprised it now causes KP in Catalina. What you ought to do is find the alternative to replacing/superseding Catalina's vanilla AppleAHCIPort kext by a now inappropriate older version and actually apply the relevant binary patch to Catalina's own kext. Once you find details of the patch, simply apply them to the kext cache through Clover's built-in on-the-fly patching facility. I suggest you start here and/or Google for "Hotplug Catalina" / "Hotswap Catalina"... More suitable than kext superseding here. As usual, the key is to know what you're doing and why you're doing it.
  13. Hi @black.dragon74 Hope you don't mine, I added a third Note3 in your 1st post suggesting to allow terminal access in Sys Prefs > Security & Privacy > Accessibility I've also noticed that in latest MacOS, IOReg file don't have permission to write to the random generated folder, therefore failed. You have to manually save it to another directory and then add it to the debug file and recompress them together. I made a change to the write permission when generating the folder and that seems to work. Here's my change in gen_debug From To
  14. Looks like you're mixing 2 different bootpacks together... Static patching and hotpatching files Here, replace with this DSDT.aml Get rid of all the hotpatch SSDT-xxx DSDT.aml.zip
  15. Just finished a new install of Catalina on my E6430. Under Mojave I was using the media bay for a time machine drive, with AppleAHCIPort.kext injected by CLOVER/kexts/Other. Under Catalina, with a drive in the media bay, I get the old "the disk you have inserted is not readable" error, and the E6430 eventually freezes. I have tried several Mac-formatted HDD's, all of which can be read via a SATA/USB adaptor, but the media bay will not read them. I have also tried moving AppleAHCIPort.kext to /L/E. This results in a KP on boot I have also tried adding IOAHCISerialATAPI_Injector.kext to /L/E - the drive is still not readable. I have HFSPlus.efi in my CLOVER/drivers/UEFI. I suspect my DSDT might be the issue, since I had copied it over from my E6230; it worked in that machine under Mojave and Catalina. I have attached my debug files. Thanks in advance for any suggestions- debug_18561.zip
  16. After modifying the date (log complained about it) I extracted this output. Sorry in advance if I didn't format it properly. Should've put it into a text document.
  17. run this in terminal and post output log show --start 2019-13-27 --style syslog | fgrep "Wake reason"
  18. Hello again. My current hackintoshed laptop is my Dell Latitude E5440, which doubles as my robotics laptop. I usually take it with me to other classes to do my work. While it works wonders when it comes to using it the laptop doesn't want to sleep. I used a USB wifi dongle to connect to the internet at my school. After grabbing the certificates from another computer (the program on my laptop wouldn't find the certificates) I was able to connect. A couple days ago, I switched out my WiFi card for a Broadcom BCM94352HMB, and it works wonders. What ends up happening is it goes to sleep then wakes up after a split second, and that Continuity doesn't work. I checked power management logs using both "pmset -g assertions" and "sudo pmset -g assertions", and I have a feeling it may be due to the touchscreen. As well, I ensured that my laptop and my iPhone were hooked up to the same network and Apple ID. However, I can't ensure that what I am doing will absolutely fix the problem. and before I go disable access to something potentially important I figured post it here, since all of you have been able to help me with my issues so far. Bundled in the below ZIP file is both logs encased in a TextEdit file and my EFI folder (sans themes). Hopefully you guys can help me quickly, I would like to be able to show off a properly working hackintoshed laptop before the end of the year. Thank you guys as always! E5440 Sleep Issue Bundle.zip
  19. It can't be use on MacOS. It'll just drain your battery, best to disable it via DSDT patching. Just use the built-in HD5500.
  20. Ok I have installed the web drivers but can I use it to render and acceleration.
  21. Last week
  22. GT 840M is Maxwell and therefore requires nVidia Web Driver, if at all supported...
  23. Hi how can I enable hardware acceleration on high sierra my gpu is nvidia geforce gt840m and my mac version is 10.13.6 17G66
  24. you should be able to use the same catalina bootpack for Mojave and High Sierra
  25. Your probably right I just did it for fun. I dunno the thought being able to find one of these at a garage sale for like $10 and be able to run El Capitan pretty well on it is amazing to me.
  26. hi by any chance do you have a dell latitude e5550 high sierra efi folder or how to make one.
  27. After so many years, I don't think these old laptops need much revisiting today...
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    • Bronxteck recently reminded us of links Apple publish in relation to creating bootable installers for OS X and macOS from El Capitan 10.11, so here's a link to the related main page:
      Very useful as a replacement to the old AppStore method that allowed registered users to re-download an OS X/macOS installation package if they had already done so in the past.
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    • A few things are required to successfully run macOS Catalina on a Hackintosh, whether through a new/fresh installation of a direct upgrade from a previous OS X/macOS version/release.
      1/ Laptops Embedded Controller:
      Since beta #5, macOS Catalina requires Embedded Controller (EC)-related patching for many laptops. It's therefore important to check your Embedded Controller device (aka "PNP0C09" id) in DSDT/ACPI and apply the mandatory device renaming to "EC" in Clover's config (or directly in DSDT), failing what, Catalina will never boot.
      Most Dell laptops since the era of the Latitude E4x00/E5x00/E6x00 range have an Embedded Controller device called "ECDV" in DSDT; in Clover, the necessary ACPI device renaming is as follows:
      Description: Changes ECDV to ECFind:  45434456Replace: 45435F5F Other known names for the Embedded Controller include "H_EC" or "EC0". If you find no Embedded Controller device in ACPI, this patch is not necessary.
      2/ Clover:
      Clover needs to be at a minimum version supporting Catalina. Versions r503x, r504x and r505x are generally Ok. At the date of general release of Catalina, we recommend using Clover r5093 as the minimum version. Clover versions are available off Dids' Github repo.
      3/ Add-on kexts:
      Lilu and associated plugins also need to be at versions updated for Catalina. At time of writing, we recommend the following minimum versions, all available off Acidanthera's Github repos:
      Lilu v1.3.8 Whatevergreen v1.3.3 AppleALC v1.4.2  
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