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Airdrop with DW1510-BCM4322

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I just got my new DW1510 arrived for replacement of Intel Centrino Advanced 6205. Wifi works great.

Rebranded with Vendor: 0x106B / Product: 0x0093,

following http://www.osxlatitude.com/rebranding-broadcom-802-11abgn-cards-as-airport-extreme/


But the problem is airdrop is kind of not working, It couldn't detect a another 6+ in the same wifi.

Bluetooth DW380.


Could someone help me in enabling airport? Thanks


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I have BT4.0 DW380 in my E6230 + some DW1510 cards available. I'll have to try them out again but I don't think these will be sufficient to give you full airdrop + handoff. I'm pretty sure I tried before but they would not give me the desired services.


Personally, I disabled my DW380 in BIOS and went for an Apple BCM94360CD + adapter board in my E62x0 laptops and everything works natively.

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