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[SUCCESS] High Sierra on Dell xps 12 9Q33

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Shine a flashlight and see if anything is displayed on the screen, then tell the results here. Also, Are you using FakePCIID and FakePCIID_Intel_HD_Graphics.kext?   Edit: Okay so looking at you IORe

See my High Sierra Guide here Most up to date bootpack here Place extracted contents into /EFI/Clover

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Oh is it. I thought it was serial or usb. It tempted me to try since the model 9q33 is listed on their website, and their system generated a specific driver on my request. Anyway, its not super important. I am happy with conventional keyboard and mouse operation.

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Think you're right, there's not I2C devices in this system. Could be an USB issue...check under USB, see if the touchscreen is detected or under preferences, you'll see something call Ink..I think.


Could also be the OP's doesn't have touchscreen on his system...so the DSDT/SSDT might not have the patch for it.

You could extract your DSDT/SSDT from your system and I'll patch them for you. 

Just attach the Origin folder after you select the F4 key during boot. Also list your BIOS version.

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Hey Jake, under system info, for usb 2.0 bus, then only think I am unsure is Intel ® Sensor Solution. Not sure if this is what the touchscreen is interacting at.


Anyways, for your review, I am attaching my origin folder.


My bios is A8. See if you can find a reference to the touch screen controller.


Do let me know if any further detail(s) are required.


Thank you.


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Hey Guys,


I also got the touchscreen version of this XPS but i didn't suspected that it could be working Under OSX!


Jake Lo , may I ask you if you could provide me the fixes that you used to patch my DSDT. I really into Learning this whole DSDT and SSDT story and I think that I could learn a lot from your work! 


It could be also very usefull if I need to recreate my DSDT in the future.


Thanks in advance for this.


@ hus2020


I think that we have the same configuration of this laptop. How do you find the machine performances ? 


I am personally amazed by this device!


It's for now, the best hackintosh laptop that I could use, it feels really like a real MAC. I also got a E7440 which is working very well but this XPS has something special in the feeling that it provides. Really good surprise.


I still need to get my hand on a good WIFI/BT combo card for this model and it will be perfect  8-) 




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sure, but I won't get into too much details because there's a lot involved and you need to understand what to patch for and why...

The following patches are mostly from Rehabman's GitHub https://github.com/RehabMan/Laptop-DSDT-Patch, you might need to make some modification on some of his patches for your needs.


1) you need to decompile the raw files together (found in /EFI/Clover/ACPI/Origin), just need the DSDT plus all the SSDT*, leaving out the rest

iasl -da -dl *.aml


2) after that you just patch the DSDT and the SSDT without the xx, i.e. SSDT-5x.aml, etc etc. those can be left out from the final results


3) patch all the rest of the SSDT with these common patches, not all will apply

Rename _DSM to XDSM

Rename GFX0 to IGPU

Rename B0D3 to HDAU

Remove _PSS placeholder

Haswell HD 4600 Yosemite


4) Patch DSDT

Rename _DSM to XDSM

Rename GFX0 to IGPU

Fix ADBG Error


Fix_WAK Arg0 v1

Fix Mutex with non-zero SyncLevel

Haswell LPC



OS Check Fix (Windows 7)


Shutdown Fix


USB3_PRW 0x6D (instant wake)

[bAT] Dell Vostro 15xx

Rename B0D3 to HDAU

Audio Layout 3

NullEthernet Patch


5) Recompile back to *.aml

iasl -ve *.dsl


6) Copy the patched files to /EFI/Clover/ACPI/Patched

Add the names to the SSDT SortedOrder, enable DropOEM of Config file


Hope that's enough info for you to get started. 

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Hi Jones, I agree with you. By far this is my most complete hackintosh ever. You know, I had shelved this computer for almost a year, since I had cpu throttle issues on Windows, and all windows version I tried made the cpu fan run louder and that was worry-some. Trying out hackintosh, and seeing it work so well, it gave a new life to this machine and put it to good use again. 


My sincerest regards to Jake Lo for being super awesome and so helpful in helping me set this machine up and running so smoothly.


I'm struggling now to get hackintosh running properly on my other laptop the Lenovo x260, and I think I know who to look for help and guidance.

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Jake Lo, thanks a lot for all these infos!


hus2020, do you already found a good WIFI/BT card replacement for this model ?


I think that our best choice would be the Dell DW1560 as Jake Lo said in an earlier post but these are generally out of stock on the different sites:

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