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E7240: no sleep and wake after update


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There's a good chance your system returned to default hibernation mode #3. Check this with pmset -g Terminal command, then follow the FAQ tuto on disabling hibernation. Unless you set laptop to support hibernation with Clover, you need to revert to plain old sleep mode.


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updates already installed


pmset -g gives this :


Active Profiles:

Battery Power -1*

AC Power -1

Currently in use:

 standbydelay         4200

 standby              1

 halfdim              1

 hibernatefile        /dev/null

 powernap             0

 gpuswitch            2

 disksleep            10

 sleep                2 (sleep prevented by AddressBookSourceSync)

 autopoweroffdelay    14400

 hibernatemode        0

 autopoweroff         1

 ttyskeepawake        1

 displaysleep         1


 lidwake              1


always reboot when I try to wake up

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