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Pimp my Latitude 7480

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The keyboard works with VoodooP2s kext.

To start touchpad and trackpoint I have installed VoodooI2C kext and patched my dsdt.


Now I have a situation when upon laptop initial boot touch and trackpoint does not work. If laptop goes to sleep mode touch and track point do work after laptop is woked up !
Any thoughts how to fix it ?

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I am planning on doing something that takes care of it automatically. I and RehabMan are trying to implement a feature that will dump ACPI files automatically if there exists a specific key in config.plist (this may take a while).


Until then, I am writing a function which asks user to reboot and press F4 if the origin ACPI files are non existent or older than 1 day. (will finish it today, maybe.)



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Did you managed to start touch pad ?

I have 7480 latitude keboard and tauch pad dosnt work with high sierra 10.13.3

Sorry for the late answer.


And no I'm actually an USB mouse instead of the touchpad. (Keyboard is working- but it worked by default, using the bootpack I downloaded from a thread in this forum)


at the moment I have problems with ethernet that is not recognized, replaced wifi card (a dw1830 - for info bluetooth is working but wifi no so I'm using a wifi dongle) and the trackpad. More or less is usable so in these days I'm using it as it as. In this period I don't have much time so I fix my hackintosh slower than normal.

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