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  1. Only don't forget to change model to correct in SMBIOS: 14.3 to 14.1 fixed HDMI Out. 14.3 have dual graphics processors -- an AMD Radeon Pro 555 with 2 GB of dedicated GDDR5 memory and an integrated Intel HD Graphics 630 graphics processor that shares memory with the system. 14.2 have Intel Iris Plus Graphics 650 14.1 have Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640
  2. Here we are going again In this topic i wrote what all work, but not. HDMI out is completely not working. Not detect no one devices (4 TV, and monitor 4k) Solved: wrong model choice in SMBIOS: 14.3 , changing to 14.1 fixed HDMI Out. But now i can't get 4k resolution, only 2k. What i missed in config ? May be it is by 1536mb on HD620, not 2048? Here is config: 7480-no-hdmi_conf.zip
  3. Exactly! Fantastic, now all work fine! So, my 7480 is completely ready to Big Sur update!
  4. Great! Transfer you file and config changes to my config - and now brightness slider are exist! So, Opencore 0.6.1 and Latitude 7480 all work fine for Catalina 10.15.6, and ready for Big Sur stable! And need to understand, why information so wired:
  5. Here we go, and hello everyone! Found this config https://github.com/niiknow/Hackintosh-Latitude-7390 , and transfer ACPI patch into my config. Now touchpad work! Work everything in OpenCore 0.6.1, but (always this but...) can't change brightness (no slider). What i missed ? 7480-EFI-v2-catmat.zip
  6. Here is my last config for Catalina 10.15.4 and OpenCore 0.5.8, but i hang on it: 1. Touchpad work only after sleep in battery mode. 2. Sleep work only for battery. in AC - instant wake If you help do it better - welcome EFI_7480_OpenCore-catmat_v6.zip
  7. CustomSMBIOSGuid: Performs GUID patching for UpdateSMBIOSMode Custom mode. Usually relevant for Dell laptops. Enabled this option. Nothing change. Current bug in OpenCore: 1. Touchpad work only when i boot from USB flash and only after sleep. Part fixed. Touchpad work only after sleep. 2. Sleep not work when i boot from SSD, instant wake. Part fixed. Sleep work only for battery. 3. Reboot option hung when i booting in OC, when i want to reboot macos, macos shutdown correct, but black screen hung and no reboot. shutdown are work correct. Fixed. 4.In about menu no serial /model information:
  8. Good morning! with skip 15 visual in ioreg are normal, pinning OK, but touchpad not work. Here is ioreg skip_15.zip hmmm. touchpad work after sleep. Here is ioreg skip15_ater_sleep.zip P.S. Work after sleep , when i boot from flash. If i move EFI to SSD, - touchpad not work after sleep. I think , sleep work not so good in OC. in AC Power - instant wake.
  9. Disable both patch, changed Skip to 14 , but no touchpad Here is DSDT DSDT_skip_14.zip
  10. Enable change _STA to XSTA in Device GPI0 in OC, but no luck, no touchpad Here DSDT in this config OC_config-2_enable.zip May be this problem ? Patch kext (prevent start i2c) not working
  11. Ok, i see! Sorry for misunderstood. Here DSDT from OC config,plist config.zip Here DSDT from OC config-2.plist config-2.zip P.S. In config-2.plist you specially disable ACPI patch for change _STA to XSTA in Device GPI0 ?
  12. i dont know. Do in clover booting, from MaciASL 1.31 Here is another sample. System DSDT.zip 100% in clover boot , and working touchpad
  13. Good day! Thank you fo helping me, but no one config are working. Here is config.plist Here is config-2.plist And here is full work clover Here is ioreg from clover bootloader clover.zip or here is DSDT from clover System DSDT.zip May be you can do it ACPI ASL patch ? I can't , no luck
  14. Hello, and need support In clover i have all work in catalina 10.15.4 фтв clover , but interesting try to use OpenCore. Now i made config, work all, but touchpad not. (TPD1 , DLL07A0) cant understand, how to use ACPI patch for it Cant understand , how to convert clover parameter TgtBridge to Open Core. Here my EFI (OC) EFI.zip Here old work config (Clover) https://osxlatitude.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=24833
  15. Please, share you EFI, i think must be ACPI patches for touchpad
  16. What benefit with OC ? Is OpenCore better then Clover?
  17. i use this patch when upgrade 8->16 gb memory. Without this patch always get stuck on a "++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++" then 16gb installed. with 8gb - start normal
  18. try to set checkbox DellSMBIOSPatch option in Kext And Kernel Patches and reboot
  19. For co-worker do some config. So - release for all: Dell OptiPlex 3070 with ATI RX550 card installed . Work almost all: CPU stepping, thermosensor, sleep, etc. Video with HDMI/DP output, 2560 x 1440 Sound speaker stereo, loud and quality. Headphones sound in jack. Mic (Siri also work) Ethernet card USB port Not working I don't find what. Download EFI EFI-OptiPlex_3070-catmat.7z In EFI two config - for Internal Intel 650 HD and for Ati Rx 550 as default.
  20. For co-worker do some config. So - release for all: Dell OptiPlex 5050 Work almost all: CPU stepping, thermosensor, etc. Video with HDMI/DP output, 2560 x 1440 Sound speaker stereo, loud and quality. Headphones sound in jack. Mic (Siri also work) Ethernet card USB port Not working Sleep - after sleep monitor still OFF. Can't get reason why. USB in 3.0 mode (USB Flash 3.0 do not detected) . Even with hackintool patch, but USB 2.0 - work fine. Download EFI EFI-OptiPlex_5050-catmat.7z
  21. 10.15.1 update All work fine on 7480
  22. put back fakeSMC in clover folder. its critical kext must be load from clover EFI . after booting remove fakeSMC from /L/E No reinstall needed
  23. Already have this kext in my config
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