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7280 NVME


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I got 

Dell 7280

i7-6600u HD520

1920x1080 touchscreen

NVME Hynix drive


NVME is working nativelly after Format Disk to 4k sectors and partitions.



I got huge problem with graphic drivers.


I try to use multiple package prepare from @Crew but no success.

At least I would like to fix graphic issue for now.



I added EDID to my config file generate over this topic


but nothing was change.


For now my problems looks like that:



Any suggestion from where I should start ?

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Your 7280 has Skylake CPU (HD520), not Kabylake (HD620), therefore you need ig-platform-id 0x19160000 not 0x59160000.

Change it in the Config.plist and perhaps in DSDT too.

FakeID IntelGFX should be 0x19168086 in Config

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Hello Guys.

I would like to thank you for respond.


0x59160000 and 0x19168086 updated and osx is now running with graphic accelerator Thank you  @Jake Lo.


I generate once again EDID from FixEDID and this time I chose "Apple MacBook Pro Display (8:5)" and this time screen it seams to be working correct.


Left me only:

Ethernet connection flapping (I have restart osx to get connected)




Plug/Unplug charging cable cost froze OSX


Regards B.



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after: Disable "Enable Legacy Option ROMS" in the BIOS I got black screen after initiation graphic drivers(before logon screen).

BTW. What is good WIFI card to this dell model. Can you please advice?


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Done I should receive this in next week (DW1830).


I tested title docking station(over usb-c) Dell6000 multiple screens/sound working like charm.

Directly over HDMI port second screen snd sound working to.


I still got problem with keyboard/touchpad. Sometimes when I try use FN keys this cost froze to. 

Do Someone got different version VoodooI2C.kext,VoodooPS2Controller.kext what I can try to?


I Try multiple times disable "Enable Legacy Option ROMS" but always crashed.

This is last think what I can see before crash ((Potential why sound do not working to).

Thank you .






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