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E5570 High Sierra


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Hey guys!


I have High Sierra running successfully with the graphics acceleration enabled. I was wondering if anybody could help me with the multi monitor stuff (can only have the laptops display and one other before it starts mirroring everything.) and keyboard layout.

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Hi Guys here is my Bootpack - I Installed HighSierra 10.13 and Update to 10.13.4 with this EFI Folder

to FIX Audio:

Install with Kexttool Apple_HDA_293Fix and EAPDfix.kext from /EFI/CLOVER/KEXT/OTHER/LE Reboot and


Have fun :)

Internal Mic works

Internal Speaker works

3,5" works with Headphones









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what audio fix -Apple_HDA_293Fix?

You have both AppleALC.kext and Apple_HDA_293.kext.

In DSDT you have layout-id set to 1 for Apple_HDA_293.kext but I don't see AppleHDA hot patches in the Config, so audio shouldn't work.

In Config.plist I see you have layout-id set to 11 which is for AppleALC.kext, so Apple_HDA_293.kext is not needed.

As for as I can tell, they both are the same but with different layout-id.


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I'm trying to install 10.13.6 on E5570. I know that I should grab my own *.aml-s, disassemble them and fix but thing is, I have absolutely no idea what I am about to fix, thus I rely on somebody else's files which most likely won't work.


Correct me if I'm wrong but I understand that Kext files are hardware universal but OS dependant (meaning I can take Kexts from i.e. Jake's E7470 EFI but I can't use his ACPI files), right?


Anyway, I've downloaded the attachment posted by @Headshotde and replaced Kexts with @Jake Lo's E7470_1.17.5_HS.zip, however no matter how I mangle the Kexts I'm still getting following "error" (which actually ain't error, instead the boot hangs like it was about to print another character but it couldn't). The ACPI/orig files are generated by myself (F4 in Clover) but the ACPI/patched are from @Headshotde package, I haven't changed anything there.

I really wish I understood what I am doing there but I just open this disassembled file and I have absolutely no clue where to even start looking. I mean I've found this _SB.PCI.SP1.FPNT._INI and _SB.PCI.SP1._CRS methods but there's nothing there that I see as broken or any patch that would correct it.


Please find my CLOVER and screenshot attached. Note that these are two different screenshots where system boot hangs on different lines of text but the error is probably the same, just different timing.





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@Jake Lo, I was able to install the system using your package - thank you for that.


I've encountered a different problem. According to your instruction in "post-installation" I moved all the CLOVER files from USB stick EFI to HDD EFI and copied Kexts from "Kexts\Other\CopyToLE\" to /Library/Extensions (none were replaced, just added).

I've also ran the "permissions fix" command. I couldn't however execute the 'ssdPRGen.sh ' part (CPU architecture was not found, or something like that). Still, I've rebooted the machine and now some of the modules that were working before (Ethernet, laptop keyboard, touchpad, sound) are not working anymore (they did before, when I was loading macos from USB Clover. Right now no matter if I boot the system from HDD Clover or USB Clover, I still can't use any of those features. Luckily USB devices are working so I can plug Keyboard and Mouse but still no internet.


Any idea what happened and what can I do about it?


PS: As to your previous question. I'm running 1.7.3 BIOS (rom attached)


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