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[Solved] How to change Keyboard key that's not correct


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Today i try to create a project using terminal but my keyboard is not work right, i trying 3 different version of voodoo for ALPS trackpad, all still cant solve my problem
when i using ApplePS2Controller.kext my ("Alt") key is Command and my ("Window") Key is Option but when i using Voodoo for ALPS like VoodooPS2Controller.kext my ("Alt") Key is Option Key in Mac and ("Window") Key is Command Key in mac


One more think is when i press like this


the result is ± not ~ , i try to replace using text in Keyboard  to replace ± with ~ but it still not working.


I try to replace the VoodooPS2Keyboard.kext in VoodooPS2Controller.kext/Contents/Plugins with the ApplePS2Keyboard.kext in ApplePS2Controller.kext/Content/Plugins and rename to VoodooPS2Keyboard.kext then the keyboard cant work anymore, after this i think i need to rewrite DrHurt voodoo kext, but DrHut GitHUB is Down so i dont have source of VoodooPS2Controller.kext
PLease help me to fix my Keyboard specially this key ±, thank you so much

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