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M6800 audio & backlight


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greeting i have installed latest high seirra 10.13.6 on my dell M6800 workstation 



thx to @Jake Lo guide


but the problem is native audio! i have try many way and used many guides but can't enable at all! 


when i install the voodoo sometimes audio not work and the headphone port not work at all! 


and also the backlight control not work too :( 



i have attached my clover 


please take a look if anyone can :) 


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1 hour ago, Jake Lo said:

Remove VoodooHDA, replace content into /EFI/Clover

Kexts in /EFI/Clover/kexts/Other/CopytoLE goes into /Library/Extensions

Repair permissions and rebuild cache



internal sound works good thx a lot :<3 


but when i connect headphone just play noise... and in sound preferences the only output is internal speakers..


and the brithness is also don't work...


i have installed the needed kext to l/e and do repair with kext utility 



what can i do brother? for now

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14 hours ago, Jake Lo said:

Try this for USB3

The patches I add for Brightness is for Intel HD Graphics only, won't work on Nvidia.

You could try Brightness Slider app

As for headphone, looks like it's not automatically switching. Try closing and removing the lid with the headphone plug in



no the USB3 not work too :( 

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