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  1. thats zipped from my usb ioreg is from extracted runme.app last time i have generated
  2. As I said, the installer always comes up with the same boot, and I used to install Big Sur, but now it doesn't come up anymore! Unfortunately I will try to do the installation anyway and fix the current problem, then I will attach the new file here
  3. no it's new installation for now i have used this USB many time!! my hack run smoothly with clover on catalina but bigsur installer is on USB and i have installed many time from this usb
  4. i have attached my current efi from USB Archive.zip
  5. i will do a clean install and attach my efi + ioreg here for you
  6. Greeting i am using BigSur on my system but when i remove power cord from laptop system will freeze system full specs is in my Signature i have attached my oc EFI folder here 7520 - OC - EFI 2.zip
  7. greeting After running High Sierra and Catalina with Clover, I am trying to install latest Big Sur build on my Dell Precision 7520 with the following specs: cpu: 6820hq graphics: Quadro M1200m + Intel HD Graphics 530 ram: 24GB DDR4 storage: 512GB M.2 i get kernel panic when i enter the installation drive from opencore menu i have attached my EFI + screen shot from panic what can be the problem? it's my first opencore hackintosh EFI.zip
  8. I have CN-096JNT and a lot of panic. and system will freeze after 5-7 mins
  9. for mine I think it's patched in ssdt bcoz I have audio output in system pref but it doesn't have sound CLOVER.zip
  10. I have removed virtualsmc.kext and used fakesmc the apfs_module_start error gone and I can boot to my osx but audio is not working
  11. I am using this bootpack for Skylake Version with high sera installed but it's stack on some unknown errors I have attached verbose mode error Clover folder.zip
  12. it's not just on startup when system gon to desktop it's glitch too i mean it can be a graphic config problem please if u can take a look on my clover config. i want to boot with my intel hd. CLOVER.zip
  13. i have updated my signature and added system's specs
  14. i have m6800 and enabled optimus bcoz want to use mojave with intel hd, But I did not succeed, I attached images of this problem. i am using Franckenstien EFI folder.
  15. yes iknow i am waiting for web drivers
  16. at this moment the audio was installed but no sound arrive throge the laptop speakers debug_27394.zip
  17. @Jake Lo the usb3 problem was fixed by dsdt but the sound installed and loaded but system havnt audio
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