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Help me with my laptop on Mojave (Inspiron 5570)


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Hello and sorry for my English, (I'm French )


I'm actually using a Dell latitude e642O hackintosh (low résolution on a 13' screen) on SSD Drive (Thanks to Jake Lo for him EFI Folder) with High Sierra. My trackpad don't work and I don't know why but all the rest is OK.

I've got a MSI GT73 VR 6RF laptop (i7-6820HK, Nvidia GTX 1080, Full HD Display, 2x256 GB RAID Mode nvme SSD and 1To HDD 7200 rpm) and a MSI GL72 6QD (i7-6700HQ, Nvidia GT960, Full HD display, SSD nvme 256 Gb and 1To HHD), I gave up trying to make hackintosh on these 2 Laptops. (5 weeks to try with no success)

So, I felt on this topic and to replace my old e6420, I would like to buy a new Dell 15 5000 series Inspiron 5570 with a full HD Display, i5-8250u cpu like Kostas54. My question is so the following: is it possible for you to share your EFI folder and the Bios settings ?

One more time, sorry for my English .

Thanks in advance and thank you so much for your job and all what you do for this community.


Greg alias gebele04

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Thank you very much Kostas54,


I bought the laptop yesterday evening. I will normally receive it Friday or Saturday. As the laptop is only equipped with a 5400 rpm HDD, I think I will bought today an internal SSD M.2. Is your's on nvme or not ? As I'd like to use dual boot (Win10 and Mojave), the capacity will be 512 Gb.

One more question: for my e6420 hackintosh laptop, the internal wifi module wasn't recognized so I had to bought a tp-link TL-WN725N usb module. For the Inspiron 5570, is the internal module recognized or must I bought an other external module? In case, what was your choice ?

When I'll received mine, I'll give you some news here and if I have ameliorations, I'll share here.


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@gebele04, the card fitted to your laptop may be compatible, yes. Again, no way to guess until you tell us what it is. I've not spent anything researching this (and do not intend to either) but you may do your own research on Dell's web site for specs and/or drivers that would indicate the various possibilities.


Then you may consult our non-exhaustive wireless cards inventory.


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