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Help me with my laptop on Mojave (Inspiron 5570)


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The problem is that coconut is accurate. So , something needs fix about the configuration but I don't know how to fix it.


Yes , there are kexts for dw1560 in clover folder. As far as I know dw1830 doesn't need any kexts.

For now just keep using your laptop and if you find something wrong let me know.

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If you're unable to connect all 3 x antenna connectors, the card will still work on 2 x antennas but at a reduced rate. In the case of the DW1830, instead of peaking at 1.3Gbps (3 x 433Mbps), you'd be limited to 867Mbps (2 x 433Mbps) max. Signal quality and reliability would also be somehow impacted but not necessarily to the point where it would become an issue...

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Is there something you're specifically after?

Change OSID to XSID (to avoid match against _OSI XOSI patch)
Change _OSI to XOSI, use with SSDT-XOSI.aml
Change _DSM to XDSM (needed for _DSM injections, e.g. for HDEF, IGPU)
Change ECDV to EC (so Mac OS knows about the Embedded Controller)
Change HDAS to HDEF (needed for audio)
Change HECI to IMEI (so Mac OS can natively use the Management Engine)
Change GFX0 to IGPU (needed for graphics)
Rename method UPRW to XPRW and use with SSDT-UPRW.aml to fix USB "instant wake" on sleep
Rename method GPRW to YPRW and use with SSDT-UPRW.aml to fix USB "instant wake" on sleep
change GPI0 device _STA to XSTA
change I2C devices _CRS to XCRS


I'm not really in a position to make much comment... I saw nothing out of the norm or that was not applicable to your raw DSDT.


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