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Help me with my laptop on Mojave (Inspiron 5570)


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Hello Kostas54,


I've connected the dw1830 with only 2 antennas on P1 and P2. The performance are very good, as much as good than with my TP-TL725N.

The dw1830 has been recognized natively in Mojave. Effectively, it requires any driver.

The problem was with the bluetooth fonction but after the injection of the 3 kexts below, everything works perfectly.

Do you remember which kexts you have installed for the dw1810 BT module ? So, I could delete it because it's not require for my system.


The SSD M.2 860 EVO Samsung 500 Gb works very well and the addition of 8 gb DDR4 2400 CL17 Crucial too.


My system is just perfect because of you and this community.

Today, I will install the dual boot with Win10 on the SSD Sata 240 Gb after cloning the original hard drive delivered with this laptop (HDD 1To 5400 rpm)



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I recognize that macOS runs perfectly on this laptop but I'm a new user (since about 1 month) on this OS.

For the moment, I'm not using Win10 on this dell because I'm using my MSI GT73 for this.


What I saw, Win10 installed with the Dell default factory seems to not be optimized. I will try today to install an original Microsoft downloaded version.

Do you use a dual boot too ?


Do you know which kexts I have to install for the SD card Reader (I'm not a user of this hardware but as you said, I just want this system perfect, if I can)






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@gebele04, you could try my new config. I think that it works even better especially with sleep.

Keep in mind that you have to delete ssdt-usb at acpi/patched , you have to make new one for your laptop. And remove kexts not needed for your network card.

Please , after trying it , respond back about how it is working and if it is better than the previous.


Hope someone help us with a battery patch for accurate battery indicator. That seems the last issue to resolve. 


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I've been looking over the issue with the Battery status.

I had installed CoconutBattery and confirmed the issue.

I've tested both ACPIBatteryManager and SMCBatteryManager.

I've tested on my E7470, E7450 and E7440 ( Skylake, Broadwell and Haswell respectively)

I've tested on Sierra, High Sierra, and Mojave, it appears to the same issue across the board.

I'll have to test Sierra with an older ACPIBatteryManager and see if issue occur even further back.


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