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[Latitude 5480, Mojave 10.14] DW1560 bluetooth can't connect

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I've DW1560 installed on my Latitude 5480 (specs in my sign), wifi works perfectly but BT doesn't. BT can discovery (slowly), do pair but can't not keep the connection (please check this video for more details: https://streamable.com/gxsh1)


BrcmFirmwareRepo.kext and BrcmPatchRAM2.kext are installed to L/E.


Can you guys please help?


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the issue is the firmware for those models DW1510, DW1550, DW1560 probably a few others are outdated. dell has not released any new firmware's for them as they are manufacture specific even though the hardware States 2070a.

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This is by no way new or something unique to your BT module. I have the same trying to pair my iPhone SE to the Apple BCM94360CD of my Hacks... You can read this old post if you want to know more about this.


Question is: what do you try to achieve by pairing your iPhone to your Hackintosh in such a way? If you want to transfer files, it's best to use AirDrop, if you want to use your iPhone as a 4G modem/router, it's best to use data/connection sharing.


Looking at the ACPI tables found in your Clover ACPI/patched folder, I couldn't help wonder why you have created your SSDT-7560-DW1560.aml? It tries to inject the properties of your PCIe/M.2 wireless card to the USB device to which the Bluetooth module is attached. That is obviously wrong and will never work. In any case, you simply cannot inject any properties to a USB controller device/port due to its very Plug'nPlay nature. You can get rid of that table, it's useless afaik and you would notice that in IOReg. At the same time, there is no patched DSDT in Clover ACPI/patched folder and I see no references to the SSDT tables in your Clover config so do they load? They seem to according to your SysProfiler list of PCI devices...


If you want to inject the properties of your BCM4352 wireless card, they have to go under the PCIe device you'll identify in IOReg for the card and, looking at the SSDT-PCIList table, it seems you thought this was RP05.PXSX. I guess you got confused along the way, hence it does not appear in the list of PCI devices of your SysProfiler unlike the other chipset elements... The thing is that your IOReg clearly shows your BCM4352 wireless card attached to RP02.PXSX.


Now, considering you stated you have a DW1560, I was expecting to see the following PCI ids:

  • Wifi: ven/dev 14e4:43b1, subsystem 1028:0019
  • BT: ven/dev 0a5c:216f, chipset BCM20702A1


Instead, I see:

  • Wifi: ven.dev 14e4:43b1, subsystem 106b:0623
  • BT: 0489:e07a, chipset BCM20702A0


In other words, it's not a DW1560 but a Lenovo-branded Foxconn T77H543 and this is also reflected in your SysProfiler:



All this being said, your Lenovo/Foxconn card remains nevertheless listed in Rehabman's list of tested PatchRAM devices and both your BrcmXXXX kexts are loaded, so there's nothing further to be done afaik.


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