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Inspiron 3558: support Hackintosh?

Watermelon Jello

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Broadwell is supported from Yosemite (forgot which version) up to the latest Mojave.

You'll need to replace the Intel wireless card of course since it's not supported with a DW1560 or a USB device.

Your system's specs:

Inspiron 3558, supported devices:


HD 5500

Synaptics touchpad



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A bootloader is a special piece of software that allow a non-Apple PC computer to boot OS X. It's not possible without it. Such software includes Chameleon, Enoch (a more recent version/branch of Chameleon), Clover (today's de-facto "standard" bootloader) and a (very) few others.


Since their inception in the early days of Hackintosh, those tools evolved from simple bootloaders to sophisticated configuration packages.


You're going to have to do some serious reading but to install macOS on a PC, the general process is to:

1) create a USB key with the OS installation package, aka a "USB installer"

2) install the bootloader on the key to make it bootable

3) install all the necessary drivers required to support your own specific hardware

4) tune your bootloader configuration


You'll encounter barbaric terms like DSDT, SSDT, ACPI, tables, patches and patching. These refer to low-level tables that form part of a PC's BIOS and provide description of the computer hardware to the OS and how some of this hardware may behave. It's nearly always required to fine tune these tables (i.e. patch them) to be able to install and then run OS X.


It's all very technical and requires some computing skills; it's quite different from inserting a CD or a DVD and booting it to install the desired OS...


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